alien experiments

Imagine an alien that’s part of a species that gets its energy from photosynthesis or something and when it changes into human form it gets hungry for the first time.  So they eat and feel full like “ah good glad that’s taken care of.”  Then they start to get hungry again so they eat again a little annoyed like “okay how much do I need to put in the stomach to make it stop.”  And then a few hours later they start getting hungry AGAIN so they pull their human friend aside like “how many times is this going to happen?” and the human is like “bruh”

now that rogue one is out and suddenly it’s cool to shit on TFA, this is a friendly reminder that i will not stand anyone talking shit about rey. 

throughout my entire childhood, star wars was always this profoundly alienating pop culture experience for me. i don’t identify with it strongly now, but growing up, “nerd culture” was my culture. it was the only place i felt i belonged. but when i was playing with my friends, i couldn’t be a jedi because “girls can’t be jedis”. the toys were for boys, the movies were for boys, the books were for boys. but if you were a nerd who didn’t like star wars, didn’t relate to star wars, didn’t think it was the coolest thing ever, you were obviously faking it, you didn’t belong in the culture, you were doing it for attention. so my childhood was this process of forcing myself to like a world that was, admittedly, really neat and sci-fi-ey and fun to watch, but to which i did not relate in the slightest, in order to avoid rejection by my own subculture. there’s virtually nothing in star wars that makes it ingratiating to a young girl. yes, there’s leia, and padme, but they were leaders and royalty, people to be looked up to, rather than related to or empathized with. and so try as i might, for years, to get into star wars, i just couldn’t do it, and ended up seeking myself elsewhere rather than exploring the incredible universe that surrounds the movies.

so tfa comes out, and suddenly there’s rey. and lo and behold – i’m interested in star wars. and not just tfa, no – all of it. my partner’s been recommending extended universe books to me (even though they’re not canon anymore, there are definitely some good ones), i’ve been rewatching the movies and the tv shows, and i’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time on wookieepedia in order to catch up. i actually care about characters i couldn’t have been moved to even consider ten years ago, because they’re part of a franchise that i actually care about. all it took was one character, one movie to say, “hey, this is for you, too” to make me pick up all the pieces of star wars knowledge i’d been collecting over the years and say, “yep. this is for me, too.”

tfa shifted my perception of star wars completely – it went from being about a bunch of guys and leia to being about us, and if you don’t think that’s really important you can get out of my face.

(finn is really important for this reason too, btw, but i don’t really feel like i can talk much about finn from a personal standpoint. but tl;dr: i will protect finn and rey as characters to my dying breath)


The alien abduction scene from the film “Fire in the sky”, based on the real life Walton experience from 1975, where a group of loggers witnessed one of their friends get abducted by a UFO after approaching the craft.

  • Shout-out to Tanya and her family for getting a narrative usually reserved for white characters, and for fighting back so hard
  • Shout-out to Matteusz for living through discrimination and parental abandonment and getting to talk about it and celebrate his sexuality
  • Shout-out to “teen angst is a pejorative phrase”
  • Shout-out to Charlie for sharing his utterly alien experiences of neglect and affirming how important physical touch can be
  • Shout-out to depictions of gay sex without it being taboo, or edgy, or diseased, or a prelude to death
  • Shout-out to April for talking about her trauma and her recovery process, for reclaiming and sublimating her love for her father’s art, for verbally expressing her emotions so clearly when she can, and for getting embarrassed as well at times because she’s a regular flawed human 
  • Shout-out to Ram for realistically living with PTSD and for struggling to cope with the new reality and for crying openly and for telling his dad and for caring so much about his bestie and for being kissed 
  • Shout-out to Miss Quill for being one of the best characters in all of Who

The thing that’s bugging me about the CW crossover right now is the lack of Supergirl’s supporting cast. I mean I don’t read interviews or see many promos beyond some gifs I see on here so if they’ve announced that her cast is coming along to the crossover then ignore this rant, but as far as I can tell Kara is the only one they bring to help fight the aliens. I mean I find it hard to believe that when Barry asks for Kara’s help she isn’t like, “Oh you know my sister has years of experience fighting aliens. Also my boss is an alien and he could help. Also my cousin could be extremely helpful.” Hell I’d let them leave behind Mon EL, James Olsen, and Winn to protect the city since James is a vigilante now. But I’d just love a scene where Barry and Oliver are like, “Oh my god, it’s Aliens!!!” And Alex comes in “Yea this is a Tuesday for me move over and let me take charge.” Anyway the point I’m making is that I want Alex to be in the forefront of this crossover instead of Oliver. And if I have to deal with his entitled ass through four shows…ugh. I mean fighting Aliens is literally what the DEO does why is Kara the only one they bring. Makes no sense to me. Plus I mean we need a scene with Sara Lance and Alex Danvers.

Emoji questions 😏

👄- first kiss story?
🦄- fav animals?
🌍- places you’ve traveled?
🌬- most tokes you’ve taken in 1 sitting?
🍭- fav candy?
🏐- play any sports?
🎨- colouring, drawing or both?
🎮- fav video game?
🚍- craziest bus story?
🚨- craziest cop story?
✈️- places you’d like to visit?
⛱- 5 things you love about the beach?
🚬- do you smoke darts?
💉- any tattoos? If so how many?
🎈- birthday?
💏- dating, fwb, married?
👅- best sex story?
🎧- songs you have on repeat right now?
🎼- play any instruments?
💋- turn ons?
🖕🏼- turn offs?
👽- believe in aliens?
👻- craziest ghost experience?
📽- favourite movie?
💌- ever received a hand written love letter?
📞- talking on the phone or texting?
💭- something you’ve always wanted to do?
🗯- what’s one thing you’d love to tell someone right now?
🎟- ever been to a concert? If so which one(s)?


I once dated a girl who worked for a non profit that acted as an advocacy org for homeless people, and her main qualification was that she was bilingual and good at job interviews, she had never been homeless and grew up really solidly middle class and like at 30 had investments and shit, and I remember at one point she told me that some of the homeless people who used her org told her that, while they liked her personally and all they ultimately felt like someone who had never experienced or even been at risk of experiencing homelessness could never be the advocate they needed, and she wasn’t offended or anything but she was really shocked that they felt that way. I think this is something a lot of people working in the non profit industrial complex don’t get and it’s one of my main problems with npo’s, this like, sense that the first people they benefit is middle class people with college degrees who are probably super well meaning but ultimately really alienated from the experiences of the people who rely on those orgs to eat and maintain their housing and etc etc. And I’ve worked in non profits! I know how they work both from a “client” perspective and from a coordinator perspective and it’s pretty fucked generally.