alien evolution


Whoops it’s midnight time for more Aliens
Tryna work out how their weird backwards bodies work, some evo history, you know, gross stuff like that
Mmm the gorilla-lizard-toad lookin fella on the bottom is a character from my good friend @socknessmonster ’s story tho, coz im helping them write a sweet sci-fi fantasy adventure
They’re a precious sack of meat but is still getting the hang of understanding humanoid facial expressions (how r they supposed to know if you’re happy if you can’t turn bright green and yellow????)


All about the alien mummy

The longer the tail the more virile the male. The long dramatic tail of the male Emerald Prawn is a physiological marker to females of a males prowess, health and virility. Months prior to mating season, males will begin to seek out large expanses of feeding territory, to engorged, store fats and grow segments of their tails. The more dominant the male the larger the feeding territory, the larger the tail and chances of mating.

His long tail will be offered as a gift to his mate once copulation is complete. Females are entombed within tree hollows, where she will lay and rear her young. They will exclusively feed upon the tail offering.

The male will act as guard, protecting the tree from predators. Once matured, His large jaws will break the sealed tree hole, releasing his captive family. They will separate from that point.

Picking a suitable male is a serious matter. Juvenile males have been known to abandon their mates, resulting in the death of his mate and young.

This comic wasn’t made just so I can draw a bunch of sexy aliens…

Instead it was made so I can complain about how many stories don’t bother trying to go beyond a simple spruced up human for their aliens.

While it is true that if we discover several cases of complex, multicellular life on other words, that in some cases we’ll see instances of convergent evolution where features such as wings or eyes or legs evolved as well as similar body structures (to the point where you might be able to call an alien dog-like or spider-like), the idea that a species would evolve to look almost completely human is incredibly unlikely and seems lazy from an artistic point of view.

Consider how few species on Earth evolved to be human-like, that being our closest great ape relatives, and how even our greatest features such as intelligence and tool use have been found in species so different from us (crows, octopi, dogs, etc), there’s obviously going to be a lot of room to play around with when it comes to designing alien species, including ones smart enough to travel through space.

The most I see non-humanish aliens in stories are usually rabid beasts. It’s time to put that aside and start giving them a more interesting, fleshed out existence. If HG Wells or HP Lovecraft can do it, so can you.

But if you do make human-like aliens, they better be really sexy. No excuses. 

Trying to update an oooold spec-evo alien to be more visually interesting and emotive.

Grothia are the sentient race of the ash clouded world Sedah. Due to being amongst the dietary group of Tefravores (animals who inhale the high organic ash of Sedah, usually through pores on the back hunch) the mouth has fused shut. Only special tissue exist there that act as smell receptors.

A transparent shell membrane covers the head like a helmet, protecting the eyes from debris.

YOUR HIGHER SELF ∞ QUAN YIN “It is I, Quan Yin. Accessing your higher self’s energy is your fastest route to holding a fifth-dimensional frequency. Since you already are your higher self, there’s nothing that you need to do, or achieve, or conjure up in order to find yourselves offering a fifth-dimensional frequency. So it’s as easy as allowing yourself to be the fullest version of you that you can at this time be. Your higher self is no longer a concept to you, and it is not some thing or someone out there, somewhere. It is an aspect of you that you sometimes allow to come to the forefront of your consciousness. The higher self is a perfect representation of you, living in the flow, moment to moment, stress and worry-free. Because you are still letting go of the control that the ego cherishes so much, this is a process. It is not as though you access your higher self and then the game is over. So how do you access your higher self? Start by intending to do so and then letting your minds go blank. Focus on your breath, and then intuitively seek out the energy of your higher self within you. Ask yourselves what would happen if you allowed your higher selves to dominate your conscious awareness and to guide you. And then as you follow your impulses and take the actions that you are being guided to take, you reinforce that energy. You solidify the higher self’s stature within you. You let go of control, and you be. This is what you are here to do. I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”