alien eats alien


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I always like to imagine Bulma introducing Vegeta to Earth food, like he probably sniffed at it first like a dog, then proceeded to consume both the food and Bulma's hand.


I’m sure Vegeta LOVED Earth food after being used to eating dead aliens in Space throughout most of his entire life. I agree about the sniffing part, I believe Saiyans have a very developed sense of smell because little Goku was like that as a kid too.

I hope he ate the food and only licked Bulma’s hand though, and then I REALLY hope he licked the rest of her body as a thank you for the strawberries she surely introduced him too…


What I’d give to see a bullets show

i haven’t been on tumblr in like four days because I’ve been playing Rimworld and in case you were wondering how that’s going,