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Alpha Order Shance Preview

A little preview of one of my fics in progress with omega!Lance and Alpha!Shiro:

Honestly, Lance wouldn’t have been surprised if this was all some elaborate Galran scheme to make him go insane. Cause it was working.

The first attack had been by his sheets. They’d wrapped his leg up in their grip and refused to let go when he went to get out of bed. Cue faceplant and a red mark in the center of his forehead that wouldn’t go away. Next, his shower had decided to be temperamental. He would barely nudge the handle, and he would either be frozen to a Lance-sicle or scalded like he was some type of weird, alien seafood. Getting dressed was just a nightmare of missing clothes and colorful swear words. Thank all the gods in the universe Shiro was still snoring away in their shared bed, or he would’ve gotten a real scolding for his vulgar creativity.

By the time Lance made it down to breakfast, it was safe to say he was in a foul mood. Which was made five times worse by the fact that he had arrived at the same time as Keith.

“God, Lance,” Keith complained, trying to shove Lance’s arm away from the food goo lever. “Can’t you wait five seconds for once? You’re always budging in line.”

“As if,” Lance whined back, hip bumping Keith to keep him out of the way as he finished getting his food. “I’m just always there before you. Can’t help it if you’re slow.”

“Yeah, I’m the slow one,” Keith gave up with a huff. He stood back to wait for Lance to finish, tapping his foot impatiently.

Lance spun around and pointed his fork at Keith threateningly. “And what is that supposed to mean?”

“Whatever,” Keith rolled his eyes. “Just get out of the damn way already.” He shouldered his way past Lance who was still glaring at him to get his own food.

Immediately, Lance’s face fell in a pout. Of course Keith had to be an asshole that day. He probably had some sort of sixth sense for when it would hurt the most to poke at Lance’s sensitive spots.

Lance knew he wasn’t the best paladin on the team. In anything. He wasn’t smart or fast or strong, but he left those things up to the alphas. He had found his niche in being a support, the leg of Voltron holding his team up so that they could be the ones to kick major ass.

It had taken many a nights sobbing into Shiro’s chest as the older man soothed his insecurities to come to that understanding. Shiro had taught him to be who he was and use those skills to his advantage rather than endlessly push himself to be an imagined standard of paladin strength. It would only burn him out, destroy his confidence and any value he placed on himself. Didn’t mean it still didn’t hurt when Keith made a jab at him, but he was trying his best to let such comments slide.

On good days, that is.

If left to his brooding, Lance’s mood would have plummeted faster than a lion with its power cut. Thankfully, Shiro sleepily walked in just as Lance had decided Keith had ruined his appetite and he wasn’t hungry for breakfast anymore. Shiro took one look at his boyfriend’s face and pulled him into a tight hug, his strong arms wrapping around Lance like a barrier from the world.

“Good morning, handsome,” Shiro rumbled in his deep morning voice, his chest reverberating with sound. “You should’ve woken me up. We could have come to breakfast together.”

Lance tucked his head in Shiro’s neck, reveling in the familiar scent of the alpha. “Yeah, well, you were up late last night being all leaderly,” he sighed before looking up to smirk. “As sexy as you are, you still need your beauty sleep to keep up with my good looks.”

Shiro laughed,

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I love how you said Empty Graves would probably be pretty niche, and now it's the most popular of your fics on ao3 by hits and kudos. (This is not meant to be passive aggressive. I really love it.)

I significantly underestimated the appeal of making Martha Kent a backwoods bitch with a shotgun


I made two version, I feel like some may want more green, and some would want more like the original. Enjoy!

You know I really love Dizzee’s metaphor with the alien. An alien who is always dressed up to the nines, elegant and cultivated, who really wants to go the opera. But he can’t, because he knows that no matter how well-dressed and polite he is, people will still hate him and fear him because he’s different.

And it is the same for black people, even more so a few decades back. Dizzee knows that no matter how well he dresses and speaks, he can never be fully accepted by the (white) elite. Dizzee is this alien, strange and floating, head in the clouds, except that his skin is not green but black. And it really struck a chord, you know ?

“Let them all underestimate me”

In Batman’s original 2-page origin story, his training was depicted in a single panel. The story has of course been expanded and rewritten, but for decades this (or similarly brief depictions) was all readers needed to believe that Batman could take on anything Gotham’s underworld could throw at him, from vampires to aliens to serial killers dressed like clowns.

Barbara was introduced in an era of slightly more sophisticated storytelling, so her qualifications were given in a little more detail. She was a brown belt in judo, and undertook a rigorous training routine when she decided to become Batgirl.

Later retellings pumped up Barbara’s credentials further. She became a black belt in karate, a track star, a gymnast, and a ballet dancer. She’s trained with Batman, Black Canary, and Richard Dragon.

Yet the general perception is that Batgirl is an amateur while Batman is the expert. Often this is what people like about Barbara, which is understandable. She is a more “down to earth” character. She doesn’t have Bruce Wayne’s fortune, and she didn’t make a solemn vow to war against all criminals after her parents were murdered.

But I think this is something that goes beyond Barbara and to how most female characters are perceived. It’s easy for an audience to believe that a male character is very skilled and has trained a long time, and can do lots of cool and physically impossible stunts. It’s much harder for a female action star or superhero to reach that state of memetic badassery.