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Tucker and the Girl on the Radio

You know what I ship motherfuckers? I ship Tucker and 479er. I think during that 14 month or a year or however long he was reassigned from Bood Gulch to solo work with alien diplomacy, that the only real contact he had back to Command was 479er on the special operations dispatch. 

I like to think Tucker and 479er totally loathed each other because he got this shitty job that makes him actually do fucking dangerous shit and she hates it because he is constantly calling her to whine and she has to listen like the orneriest customer service agent ever. 

I like to think that Tucker got lonely out there without his team, with only Junior to look out for, surrounded by aliens. I think he missed Blue Team. I think he got scared sometimes when shit got real out there and I think 479er got his real emergency calls - when he was shot or panicked or thought he was going to die. 

I think he hit on her. I think she might have hit on him back a little, even if it might have just been to comfort him at first. I think the highlight of Tucker’s day was talking to her, that he’s masturbated to her voice but he’s never seen her face. I think that 479er has talked him through half a dozen deadly situations, that she got attached to her idiot out in space. That she’s pulled up and read his files over and over and stole his picture from his dossier. 

I think Tucker has her voice tattooed on the inside of his skull. 

I think 479er smiles when she hears the name Lavernius Tucker among the ‘heroes who brought down Project Freelancer’. 

I fucking ship the day he hears her voice on the street somewhere and panics because he doesn’t know what she looks like. He heard her. He heard her voice she’s here but he doesn’t know her face or her name or what she looks like, nothing. But she’s here and he’s going to miss her because he doesn’t know what to look for and just as he starts to think he’s missed her and feels sick with disappointment… she touches his shoulder and says, “PFC Tucker.”

I ship it in hell.  

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The Fic I won’t write game : Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom "Did we just elope ?"

Did We Just Elope?

The Avengers are in the middle of what might be called a civil confrontation with Doom over his dangerous use of Gamma rays in his magical experiments, when an alien invasion cuts the diplomacy short. Cut off from the Avengers and taken prisoner, Tony and Victor must set aside their differences (”Magic!” “Technology!” “Magic!” “Technology!”) and work together to escape, overthrow a corrupt alien empire bent on enslaving all sentient beings in the universe, and found a new democratic government that won’t fall apart the minute they leave.

Also they should probably stop having sex. Any minute now. 

They definitely shouldn’t have agreed to participate in the “bonding rituals” that solemnized the new alien government. And Doom really needs to stop referring to Tony as Lord Stark, Prince Consort of Latveria, even if it’s kind of cute.

Explaining their space elopement to the Avengers is probably going to be Tony’s job, but at least this probably means the Avengers won’t have to yell at Doom as much, since Tony will be there to do it in person.

(”Magic!” “Technology!” “Magic!” “Technology!”)