alien cookie


Listen, I am SO RIDICULOUSLY PROUD of these cookies I made for my bro @oifei (Hi Seb!!!!)

These are the most detailed, but also the most fun cookies I’ve ever decorated and they were delicious. X3


eighties-pterodactyl replied to your text post

<3 Goodnight. Sorry, forgot my password for a while. Hope you’re doing well today!

@eighties-pterodactyl Its okay. I am actually not too great today. These past few days have been amazing but today has suck baby sucked! Tragic news, followed by my wifi going up where the alien cookies fly and just not feeling too great bc surprise, surprise, I’m pining again. Also I had to say goodbye to a friend as she was staying with us for a few days and she had to go back home. Only highlight today was getting the soundtrack album of TMWFTE. Otherwise really this day has gone to hell. Hope you’re doing alright though <3

I tried to stay as honest to the style as possible

but here’s Alien Cookie!!

An S Rank cookie who’s ability is to summon xyr UFO and destroy obstacles with it!

Baked using exotic herbs and a special unknown ingredient, Alien Cookie was made to scare and destroy other cookies.  Yet, xyr cowardliness made it so xe became a very reclusive cookie.  Many cookies claim they’ve seen a glimpse of Alien in the forest, but rarely anyone has conversed with xem face to face.  All the other cookies know, is xe are handy with very advanced technology.  

  • Cookie Cat: Is an alien
  • The Crystal Gems: Are aliens
  • Cookie Cat: Was in a war
  • The Crystal Gems: Were in a war
  • Cookie Cat: Left his home forever
  • The Crystal Gems: Left their home forever
  • Cookie Cat: Discontinued, Steven says "they were too good for this world"
  • The Crystal Gems: …oh FUCK

‘800-year-old mobile phone’

Allegedly discovered by archaeologists in Austria, this likely amazing hoax depicts a nokia type phone with alien writing on it. Some say time travel, fewer say aliens, but with a lack of information as to the source of the photos or confirmation of the dig site, one can easily conclude this as a hoax. Interestingly, the writing is written in cuneiform. [-]