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inayaeza  asked:

Do you, by any chance, know a way to make realistic plant-like life form living at night? I'm building a planet with a really slow cycle, so a night go on for what would be decades on Earth, and I'm not sure if glowing mushroom and co would be enough for my plants.

I assume by the nature of your question that you’re planning on having this plant-like life create energy through photosynthesis, yes? Photosynthesis can occur with other types of light, as well. This paper talks about an specific alternative light which could add to the biodiversity of plants. However, from what I can tell, sunlight is the only way that has been truly life-sustaining in our known world. (Disclaimer: I am not a botanist.)

But–like so many things–when you’re working within the laws of a fictional world, you can do so many things that seem impossible to us. Bioluminesence might not feasibly sustain other plants on Earth, but in your fictional world, your “glowing mushroom” could put out a type of UV light that plants on Earth do not. Perhaps it could be enough to sustain other plants, at least temporarily. 

Consider this, as well: If these plant-like lifeforms evolved on this world to live as they do, then perhaps they have energy conserving or energy producing skills that terrestrial plants do not have. What if they save light like a camel saves water? What if they have evolved an ability to produce energy from other sources? Photosynthesis and

Hope that gives you something to think about.

Happy building!

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My friend Callum commissioned me for TWO sketchbook pages this month, and I am so thrilled to show the results!

The first page, I was given the prompt/themes of Space Ladies, Plants, and Aliens. The second one I was given the prompt of Bob’s Burgers and Cute Boys! These were a lot of fun to work on and I really like doing commission work in this way!

(The last pic is just a rotated view of the first image to show off the vertically-oriented drawings I did.)

If you’d like a sketchbook page commission, or a commission from me in general, please check out this post right here!

mixed media


The Final Five pairs of leggings on the left, sold and shipping tomorrow on the right. Here’s what’s left:

Last two A/W pairs! $103 + $11 s/h. These are on soft, totally opaque fabric that’s perfect for cozy cool-weather layers, or for chilly lunar runs. This material is lightly fleecy on the inside! 👽🌿💖

❤Toxic (cosmic rainbow) - S1
❤Void (monochrome) - M1

There are three pairs of S/S (non-fleecy) leggings left, too, Desiderium and Mimus styles only. $98/pair +$10 s/h.

❤Desiderium (cosmic rainbow on white) - XS1 M1
❤Mimus (violet tentacles) - M1

To purchase, email zoetica at gmail dot com with “SpacePants” and your desired style/size in the email title, and I will shoot you an invoice.👽🌿💖

This is it, buddies. I’m inclined to keep the Mediums, so if you want ‘em, pick them up before I change my mind.

anonymous asked:

I love your new leggings and would like to buy a pair but I'm always hopeless at creating a leggings-based outfit. Would you be able to give any pointers? (Particularly seeing as you are a person who always looks fabulous!)

Thanks! It’s not just you - leggings can be hard to style. I took your question seriously and joined Polyvore to compile some quick spring and summer looks visually similar to stuff I’ve worn, or plant to wear with my Alien Botany leggings. Meaning, these aren’t “fantasy styling” get-ups, but actual wearable outfit components.

I hope they give you some ideas!

P.S. I should mention that all these pieces are interchangeable. I.E. You can be a gothic active alien or a night bunny on parade, that grey zip-up would look great with a different pair of leggings, etc.

External image
Alien Botany - Active Alien by zoetica-ebb
External image
Alien Botany - Gothic Casual by zoetica-ebb
External image
Alien Botany - Space Cat on Parade by zoetica-ebb

You can see me wearing an almost-identical outfit to the one below in this shot.

External image
Alien Botany - Night Stalker by zoetica-ebb