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Humans are Weird

As you might’ve noticed, I jumped BIG into the Humans are weird/humans are space orcs tumblr posts. Here’s one I haven’t stumbled upon (though I’m sure it exists already) but fashion. Not even high fashion like Paris but just how general cliques dress and how common make up is.

A color shifting species might see a human apply make up to themselves and think it cute and endearing the human wants to be able to change their colors in certain areas. More interesting it’s noted that some humans do the same makeup everyday (eyeliner + gloss), while others use many different colors and patterns and products (eyeliner, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyebrows, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc).

Along with makeup, humans seem to only clothe themselves in certain styles. Now these styles vary wildly between different humans and specialty stores pop up centering around these preferences. It is rare to see a “punk” human enter a “preppy” store. Many humans become offended at the question of why they are so strongly tied to their chosen styles, no explanation given other than that the other styles are not desirable by said human.


Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c

Whatever doesn’t kill you-

I read every version of “Humans are space orcs” that comes across my dash

It just made me think what aliens must think of shirts and inspirational posters  people have that say “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Because is there really a better way to sum up the human race as a whole?

As a species this is humanity. If it doesn’t kill us outright chances are good that we are going to adapt and survive.

So I can see the first aliens kind of laughing at this saying because we are these unarmored meatsacks that seem so terribly easily to break and yet as time goes on they realize it’s the truth

Humans see it as inspiration

Aliens see it as a warning

Of course this is funnier when you add in some of the spoof variations

“Whatever doesn’t kill me just pisses me off.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill you disappoints me.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill me better fucking run.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me weirder.”

of course humans are totally oblivious to this and can’t figure out why everyone gets do damn jumpy after they get released from the medbay after being injured.


Internal video explanation about the semiotic inside the Nostromo ship.
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tomibunny  asked:

How nsfw are we talkin here

It will be VERY NSFW, it’s a porn comic. It’s 75 pages long, 50% of those pages have alien wieners on them. 

There won’t be any cross-posting of explicit images on any of my tumblrs, I’m going to keep the comic very separate on its own website. I may post some G-PG13 pics here to notify people that something’s updated, but nothing actually NSFW.