alien 3 the gun

Write a story including a set of three things

1) An island, a brick, something broken 

2) A mysterious force, a gun, an abandoned building 

3) Aliens, a cat, a motorbike 

4) Marbles, summer, a cardboard box 

5) A ghost, a childhood game, a thunderstorm 

6) A pack of wolves, a dance, a photograph 

7) A disturbing retelling of a fairytale, an empty room, a scar 

8) A natural disaster, a dangerous mistake, a missing poster 

9) A house fire, a childhood memory, a forest 

10) A lie, a fight, a trapdoor 

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Vic Hollins, 2016.

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We already know how much Alex and Maggie love the alien gun, they love it so much that I bet Alex secretely has a name for it. Maggie knows about it cause she caught Alex talking to it, but Alex is too embarrassed to say it in public.

However, as time goes on and Alex let’s Maggie borrow the gun more often the superfriends start hearing them talking about a mistery woman named “Betsy.”

Winn will overhear Alex on the phone “I told you Maggie, Betsy is staying with me all week. I will let you have fun with her on the weekend.”

And James will be having fun watching Alex and Maggie play pool when Maggie goes “If I win you let me enjoy a whole week with Betsy.”

It keeps happening so much that Kara, James and Winn start wondering who the hell is Betsy. Their theories go from another woman on they are both dating, to a cat or dog. Winn even suggest it may be a secret name they have for sex toys, earning glares and judgemental looks from the other two.

Everything is a big mistery until during a joint DEO/NCPD operation they hear Alex say “Here, you take Betsy this time” while she hands the gun to Maggie.

All 3 of them lose it right there and then, right before the DEO, Supergirl and the police, with the help of Guardian, are set to raid a possible CADMUS location. It takes J'onn’s stern look to somewhat calm the 3 superfriends.