The krot are a pre space faring race that often ally with human interplanetary governments due to similarities in preferred atmospheric conditions, gravity, and body plan as compared to man. They range from low to average intelligence when compared to humans though this is more due to instinctual differences. They are most similar to bony fishes or reptiles genetically. They posses a similar sexual dimorphism to many animals on earth, with females being larger than males. They appear eyeless but are capable of seeing through a bony structure on their skull, this comes at the cost of being slightly short sighted. 

Burrah Is a mercenary working for a penal/agricultural colony at the edges of explored galactic territory, she is tasked with protecting non incarcerated workers from those forced into labor. With her dark and washed out coloration she is considered to be somewhat unattractive among her kind. This being the main reason for her employ with exclusively human colonies and not her own. Among other members of the security team she is considered to be friendly if not a little intimidating.  

To Ash and Dust

To Ash and Dust is another fic that I’ve read as of late. It was written by @themusicalbookworm and is so beautifully written. But seriously, it’s so well written. The banners above were made by  @tokoyumi. 

In this story there are no quirks, everyone is just normal. The world has been overrun by aliens and Izuku and Todoroki are both struggling to survive in their new reality. Izuku is on a mission to find his mother after a terrifying alien attack and Todoroki is trying to start anew after escaping his horrible homelife and being launched into an unforgiving outside world. 

It’s unfinished but ahh I’m so excited for the upcoming chapters! Go read it here.

theverglas  asked:

My oc Glagla is a real shy stuck up bean, but if he had a chance with him I'm sure he would 💯/💯 do kinky stuff 🔞 💧🌈 with yo boi Yamii ♥️♥️ Yamii👏🏼 is 👏🏼luuv👏🏼 Yamii 👏🏼is👏🏼 life 👏🏼

Well as you can see Yamii would be VERY VERY eager to have a little personal time with him heheh 💚💚💚💚

(You’ll have to excuse my phone camera, I will scan this in tommorow)



Age: Unknown

Species: Unknown

Occupation: Military Doctor In The Galactic Defense Force

Height: 7ft 5in

Relationship Status: None

Hobbies: Experimentation, collecting genetic material/information on other species, constructing dangerous instruments and weapons.

Doctor XanXin is a highly mysterious and dangerous person on unknown origin. Very little is known about him or where he came from, But his great knowledge and collection of genetic materiel of species and races currently living and long since extincted may suggest that he’s even old than the Xenorians. After a long string of investigations, his hidden laboratory was infiltrated by Sergeant Major Dirarius and his squad. A fight to the death ensued, until  XanXin decided to give up and turn himself in, having enjoyed the one-on-one battle with Dirarius.

Having been deemed too chaotic and dangerous of a force to let loose into the galaxy, but too valuable of a medical source and brilliant scientist to execute for the very little crimes that he could be tired to, the head members of the Galactic Defense Force decided to position him as the head military doctor as a way for them to get what they need, for XanXin to get what he wants, and so that they can keep a close eye on him. Surprisingly agreeing to their deal, XanXin always gives a firm reminder that he is a man of his word, as long as they remain men of theirs.