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2015 KBS Gayo Daechukje / 2015 KBS 가요대축제

Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 7:50pm KST

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2015 MBC Gayo Daejaejun / 2015 MBC 가요대제전

Date: Thursday, December 31, 2015 8:55pm KST

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SEVENTEEN Reaction to you taking care of them while they are sick

Hey, annoy! (*^_^*)~

I’d love to do this reaction for you and thank you for liking our blog!~

SEVENTEEN Reaction to you taking care of them while they are sick

S. Coups: He would appreciate the gesture… But would not like the fact that you’re doing so much for him.. He’d rather take care of himself and for you to just comfort him…

Jeonghan: He would be really funny while you’re taking care of him… He’d also be really cute and angel like all at once too… He would like you more for taking care of him…

Joshua: He would like that you’re taking care of him… But he’d politely tell you that you don’t have to and that he’d rather make sure that you’re okay first… He’d also share things with you…

Jun: He would be pretty shy even though you’re taking care of you… But he will smile and thank you a lot for putting the time and effort aside… He would be happy to show you his affection in return…

Woozi: He’d show you all his passions even when he’s a little out of it.. He would be really affectionate though.. He would love the fact that you wanted to take care of him while he was sick…

DK: He’d try to entertain you while you’re taking care of you even though he’s under the weather… He would definitely manage to make you laugh a lot… But if he’s in pain while he’s sick he may cry a little.. (*awwwweeee*)

Hoshi: He’d help you out with taking care of him so you wouldn’t have to do as much… He’d make sure that you get enough rest so that you don’t run out of energy while taking care of you… He would also pay attention to the things you say if you say anything to him..

Wonwoo: He’d wouldn’t talk much, but his actions would show that he appreciates what you're doing for him… He will also make sure that you know how much the gesture means to him…

Mingyu: He would probably play with your hair a lot if you let him… He’d still be loud even though he’s sick as long as he’s not in a lot of pain.. He’d definitely entertain you with his hyper personality and clumsiness…

The8: He’d be happy that you’re taking care of him.. He’d be his usual witty self around you saying really interesting comments… He’d also love to have really witty convos with you… He’d also be overly cute… ($_$)

Seunggwan: He would be very talkative with you even though he’s sick.. he would thank you a lot and would love the interaction between you two… He might get somewhat emotional if the pains too much to bare from his sickness…

Vernon: He’d think that it’s nice that you’re taking care of him.. He be really charismatic, and somewhat shy… He would also be a little dorky time to time around you…

Dino: He would try and be tough no matter how much the pain of his sickness is bothering him… However he’d love the help you’re giving him… He would also say thank you for helping him out…

Hey, lil peeps! (*^_^*)~

I hope you enjoyed this!

I love you all! <3

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