alida the gardevoir


Alida: [I was reckless then and I cared not for my own safety. I fought, fought, and fought, and I won every single time. I didn’t care for the wounds I received and brandished them to my comrades as some sort of gods-forsaken trophy whenever I came back from battle.]

The gardevoir stopped walking and stood still for several seconds. Her brows furrowed as her memories came flooding back at her recalling her past self. She was becoming frustrated. Just why? Why couldn’t she even talk to someone about her past without feeling so overwhelmed? Why?

But she knew she had to tell her companion something, anything if she wanted to get over her issue. She just had to keep on pushing herself, even if it was just a small step towards progress. Taking in a few breaths, Alida turned to face the younger gardevoir before her.

[T-that is until I lost one day… I-I lost o-one day and I received this wound along my throat.] Alida finished, running a hand alongside the bandages around her neck. [I haven’t been able to speak since then… But…. it helped show me t-that I needed to care for myself. Not for m-myse- myself, no…… but for those whom I may hurt if I were to die due to that recklessness….. I hope my answer was sufficient, dear….]



Nature: Jolly

Characteristic: Strong Willed 

Ability: Trace 


   - Shadow Sneak

   - Fire Punch

   - Dazzling Gleam

   - Hyper Beam

Note: The one most likely to cause collateral damage.



“I’m normal now! That means no more pain, no more getting funny looks, no more keeping calm, and best of all I can talk!” Alida shouted, jumping with joy in front of Victoria. Alida eventually stopped and looked up at the towering gardevoir.

“With me being like this I can finally do the things I could never do when I had those injuries. All my problems are now gone! And with this change of events I’m going to evolve right this time and live out my life the best possible way I can!”

M!A: 1/10