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Water Flight Headcanon: The Twin Moons

In my clan, along with the Eleven is the worship of the two moons (Luna and Alida) and minorly the sun (Sol).  Luna and Sol were born from the chaos along with the world of Sornieth. While Sol stayed distant from the planet- happy to rule from afar, his sister Luna was curious about the magic echoing from the newly formed planet. She watched as the First Four were born and as they began to fight each other over the new world. And as she watched, the magic of Sornieth changed her form to that of a dragoness of pearly white scales and soft grey wings.

It was during the warring of Windsinger and Tidelord that she was drawn too close to the land and became lost in the dark clouds that filled the sky from their battle. She wandered for 30 days in the dark till the light of her scales became so bright that the land was like day. Tidelord who had also been lost in the dark fog and looking for his brother to fight once again, was the first to find her.

His love for her was on first sight, great as the love as a guardian for their charge. For once his anger was soothed, and so he wooed the celestial being. Luna who had watched from afar for so long, gave favor to his attentions and together they had a child, Alida the small-winged. But alas the peace was short-lived, for the Shade had arrived shrieking and wild. The moon and her child fled to the sky and then to space, escaping the doomed world. It is said that Tidelord wept the Sea of a Thousand Currents that day, a sea of sorrow and joy.

After a mighty battle, Eight Gods fought off the Shade and chose to become the Pillar to protect Sornieth from its attacks. The world lived on and the Gods slumbered till the Shade returned and the Pillar was broken. Tidelord returned to the Sea of a Thousand Currents, but he never forgot about his lover and child who still fly across the night sky. He pulls the sea to their movements, the ebb and flow of the tides curl with their passing. When the moons are full the tides are at their greatest, the high tides are very high and the low are very low. It is also whispered that Tidelord himself comes out of the Spiral Keep during the full moon, so that he may see his lover and child at their greatest glory.

It whispered even less that from the union of Tidelord and Luna was another dragon, a twin to Alida only in birth. With black scales and twisted wings, he writhes in the abyss, forever hungry and cold. His name has been forgotten except in small cults of his worship. They believe that one day he shall arise from the depths and claim his rightly due of blood and magic. But such things should not be spoken about…


mayersun . KW . interactive mixed media installation . passau . 2014