I finally regained access to the Cintiq! I’ll be working on commissions for a day or two but before I get into it I did a late Father’s Day image featuring Shining Armor and Flurry Heart. I’ve always wanted to draw these two interacting together, so I finally did so! Despite all of his prowess as a fearsome soldier Shining Armor is a gentle and doting father, and Flurry adores him. I’d imagine she takes a lot of fascination in his scars, and he never backs out of telling her some of his epic tales… but edits them to make them a tiny bit more kid friendly. xD

I included the process GIF as well! I might start doing this more often but some of them will be shown off the bat while others will only be viewable through patreon; perhaps with some commentary on how I go about the process. Hm.

ANYWAY, I hope you guys like the image! C:


“Lady Tia, Lady Tia! You’ve received a missive!”

~”How Curious…”


Lady Tia is somewhat of a ruler in this world of blood and ponies. Her messengers would be delighted to bring her your questions. 

Mod: Ask box is open! I’m really excited to see where this ends up going, I hope to keep updates pretty regular, hopefully I’ll be able to do one every weekend but no promises.