Problem solvers. I suppose Pinkie solves an equal number of problems with singing-a-random-song-out-of-nowhere, but that wouldn’t fit the pattern.

Someone on derpibooru suggested that we needed a Twilight version of my previous Starlight Glimmer picture (http://dstears.tumblr.com/post/163984665089/s7e10-nothing-else-important-happened-in-this), and I thought that was a good idea. (but secretly I just wanted to draw smug Trixie)

Is Luna’s hair inside or in front of her mane?

The good thing about my art program not working is that I’ve been having a lot more time to experiment with traditional art (there’s a lot of negatives too, but I don’t to think about them)

No matter how much digital art in do, traditional always feels so much nicer to me

Hope you’re enjoying my experiments too
Also, how would you feel about an online shop? I’m thinking prints and occasionally the original art to start with, would any of you be interested in it?