Honestly, redsrecovered, it’s not that hard! My grandmother taught me, and lately I’ve found it super relaxing when I need to take my mind off things, to have my cross-stitching to focus on instead. There are all sorts of neat patterns out there, Etsy is full of them. Basically, cross-stitching works on a grid system with x-shaped stitches to create a picture; some are as simple as this one, others are crazy complicated (my friend is working on a xstitch replica of van Gogh’s starry night and it is ridiculous). I did send a note to the artist that designed the “you are my sunshine” patterns to see how they felt about me possibly selling the finished products, wouldn’t want to without permission (some artists designate personal use only). Also, this depiction of the hsv virus looks like a flower, and I like it. (This design courtesy of