aliciaatomic replied to your post: aliciaatomic said: No! She’s 19. I see no problem…

Oh yeah. They’ve been together since they did ‘The Last Song’ together. I’m just annoyed at [like] E! and all those other channels/shows acting like she is a baby. She’s a grown-up now. If she was a girl in Chino, no one would probably say anything.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I think that, at least for me, since I still see random episodes of Hannah Montana every once in a while, I still see her as that Miley Cyrus. And you’re right, if she were just an average person, no one would really question it. I actually had the same reaction when i found out Sarah Hyland was engaged, but then I found out that she’s 21. TV makes people seem really young.

Also, my reactions to Les Misérables [movie]:

So, my first feels came during Valjean’s Soliloquy.

And then I Dreamed A Dream happened.

Oh, wait… Master of the House!

[I, of course, love to hate The Thénardiers]

In My Life/Heart Full of Love

[talking singing]

and THEN Empty Chairs At Empty Tables…

Then finally The Epilogue.