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(1/?) I heard someone had a rough day so imma flood your ask box w/ some modern day Lexark + Aden HSAU, PRIDE EDITION: so since they've recently moved from Australia, Elyza is like, pumped as all shit for pride, and she's super excited and talks to Alicia about it at miles a minute, and the brunette is warming up to the idea of going because she's just recently come out to her friend group and family as bi, but Elyza makes her feel so safe and loved so she's like 'sure why not'

(2/?): so pride with Elyza is kinda intense. Homegirl goes ALL OUT. she covers the majority of her exposed skin in rainbow paint and pretty much looks like an explosion of gay at this point and Alicia thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever, and Elyza paints a bi pride flag on her gf’s cheek and grind like an idiot when she’s done bc just look at her cute gf being confident and proud of who she is and her sexuality. And then there’s Aden, who follows Elyza pretty much everywhere

(3/?) and he gets his face painted in shades of black, grey, green, and white, bc the little bean came out as agender a while ago (he still uses he/him pronouns though; but likes to remind everyone that he is not, in fact, a boy) but he promises to give Elyza and Alicia time alone bc tbqh he’s mainly going for the one vendor with the curly fries that he’d probably kill a man for, and they all get ready and go. There are /so many people/

(4/?) at first, Alicia is sort of overwhelmed, because holy fuck that’s a high concentration of gay, but she feels Elyza twist their hands together and pull her close and the blonde presses a soft kiss to Alicia’s forehead and reassures her that they can leave whenever if the brunette gets overwhelmed, and Alicia just takes a moment to appreciate how thoughtful and loving her girlfriend is tbh how’d she get so lucky (Elyza thinks she’s the lucky one ofc they argue about it all the time)

(5/5) and true to his word Aden skips out on them after a few minutes bc he can smell the curly fries (they’re so close I can almost taste them, Lyz) and Alicia spends the day surrounded by the most supportive and loving person she knows and allowing herself to be proud and confident and there’s nothing in the world that feels greater than being lifted onto her girlfriend’s shoulders just so she can see everything, and it’s perfect and they’re so in love and cute it’s almost gross

this is so disgustingly cute i needed this omg thank u