Downton Abbey / Gran Hotel

Are you looking for something to watch during the Downton hiatus?

I recommend “Gran Hotel” which is also called the “Spanish Downton Abbey”, which is not really true. There are some similarities, but Grand Hotel has much more twists and turns and suspense etc.

But the cute thing is:

Remember in Downton there’s that cute chauffeur?

In Gran Hotel we have Julio, the waiter.

Tom of Downton is in love with Sybil, the youngest, rebellious daughter of the house.

Julio falls for the - guess what - youngest, rebellious daughter of the house, Alicia.

Both, Sybil and Tom and Alicia and Julio become close friends first despite being from different classes.

Both couples are adorable, but the best thing about Alicia and Julio is: They’re the main couple. So they get LOADS of screen time, which is a definite advantage of Gran Hotel.

It’s a great show, very entertaining and exciting. There’s also a cute bromance. Remember Tom and Matthew?

In Gran Hotel it’s Julio and Andres. Andres is Julio’s best friend and also just the most honourable and best person on earth.

There’re a lot of bad guys, too and they’re much worse than on Downton. Some of them are really scary.

But the main reason for me loving both shows are these adorable couples.