“It’s late.”

“It’s like old times, huh?” 


This is why no one will ever be able to replace Will/Josh in The good wife.

It’s the extra mile that Josh took to make Will so unique and cool, with the facial expressions, the movements and the smiles.

I loved Will for being Will, not even for being a part of my OTP. He was awesome, sexy, smart, witty, tough and sensitive. Don’t ask me how you can be all that in one person, it’s a part of Will’s Magic.

At some point, it was basically watching the show for him; he stands for himself. Sure, the show is titled “The good wife” but Will is awesome enough to stand for himself.

I had such a weird dream… I dreamed that Finn was back, he told Alicia he’s left New York forever because he doesn’t love his wife and he wants to be with Alicia. And they were together but soon she realised Finn has cancer and he needed a surgery. There was a lot of tears but at least they were together… I have huge problems with falling asleep recently but dreaming about the two of them (even for an hour because that’s how much of sleep I have) is always nice. Even when Finn is dying. They were so happy together I just wanted to share it with you!


“Look…what we did? It’s not what you think.                          “I’m really good at making mistakes.”
I had a weak moment. It was a mistake.”                                                 “Yes, you are…”

“I’ve loved you since the first day                                         “You said it, you said it first. No one’s
          I saw you at Bailey’s”                                                          ever said it first to me before.”

                               “I love you, Stanley Richmond.”
                                      “Yeah, but I said it first.”

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A, I, N?

Before I start, I wanted to say that I thought about you today because my Coke said, Share a coke with Alicia ;D

A-Current OTP:  Let us all gasp with surprise as I say STEVE/TONY!!!!

I-Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why:  Yes, Sherlock fandom is coming to mind.  I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that the fandom has an undeserved sense of accomplishment considering the show’s creator. 

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice):  Bottom!Steve, dragon fics and fics based specifically on the Avengers Assemble cartoon.  (someone work those things into one fic!)

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Tbh: I love your tumblr, you're my favorite blog and you seem really nice. Question: Who, if anyone, do you ship with Alicia? Apart from wine, because we all know that that's endgame anyway.

Yo’ this is so nice, I’m super flattered that someone loves my trash blog!

Obviously my OTP is Alicia x Wine! But that also speaks to my opinion that life doesn’t always wrap itself up in pretty bows. There are women and men out there who may just end up being alone in life–being fulfilled by their work, family and friends. A good example is also Diane who did not meet her husband until later in life. Alicia could be the opposite and may not find another partner. 

That being said I ship Alicia with Peter. I have always shipped Alicia and Peter. And as each season develops Alicia’s character I feel like they just come full circle. 

But I love Willica and Alicia x Johnny as well–they are incredible ships and so necessary for Alicia to develop herself as  fierce independent woman! 

But let’s be honest–who doesn’t want Alicia to just make the big “o” face always! Let the woman have as much loving as she wants. 

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