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...What do you think is the exact reason Aunt Alicia got divorced, and everyone celebrates it a ton. Like, no one does that. What could possibly make them all so happy, and I mean other then guy looking like a jerk

I wrote a thing once where he cheated on her and screwed her over in court but I dunno about that now, the fact that he showed up to the party to be humiliated means that whatever he did he probably accepts was a dick move and is down to kind of make up for it

Obviously he screwed her over somehow that really fucked with her, in a way that makes him a shitty person but not so shitty that he couldn’t recognise what he did was wrong, cheating could still work out for that but cheating is so cliché

I wanna say he did something worse, but something he didn’t realise was as bad as it was until Alicia left him for it and refused to talk to him ever again, maybe it was abusive behaviours that he eventually grew out of and came to regret? Alicia is very strong willed and seems to have it out for men in particular, maybe the relationship had something to do with that, maybe he kept trying to change her to make her more feminine, maybe he had issues with his own masculinity and felt threatened by her strong personality, maybe he did love her but he couldn’t accept her because of his own issues

maybe there was a big fight or something major happened, maybe it was publicly and he said something really awful and Alicia felt so betrayed and humiliated she divorced him on the spot, maybe he dragged out the proceedings because he didn’t want her to leave, maybe it had something to do with her not having children, maybe he wanted them and she didn’t and he got unjustifiably mad about it

then years later he realises the mistake he made, he loved Alicia and he HURT her because of his shitty behaviour and ideals, maybe he regrets it and comes to the party to celebrate their divorce because Maddie approached him and told him that if he wanted any chance to make it up to her he had to humiliate himself like he humiliated her

there’s no way Alicia would ever get back with him but if he truly loved her and was ready to accept her as she was then MAYBE she might at least talk to him again, no promises

oh shit and you know what might make this better? ALICIA IS ASEXUAL, she wouldn’t do the do with him which made him feel like she didn’t love him even though she explained to him time and time again that this was just how she was and she TOLD him this is how it would be before they even got married

Maddie might have planned the celebration as a way to turn something nasty into something fun and something she was proud of her sister for doing, escaping a toxic relationship is never easy and it can be especially gruelling if you stew over it for years after, this was closure, this was Maddie’s way of helping Alicia finally move on, celebrating her single life and humiliating the man who humiliated her

Faye tried to swallow a piece of avocado with minimum chewing to keep it from touching too many of her taste buds. She shuddered. “Yeah. But I can’t really call or visit home. It’s complicated.”

“Talk to me,” Alicia said, in a tone that was half commanding and half gentle. Faye remembered that she was studying art therapy of some sort. Did that make her qualified to listen to Faye’s story and give advice?

“I… I said something stupid, and now my siblings hate me, and my parents are even more disappointed in me. I don’t think I’ll ever make them proud, but I can’t go home until I have something good to tell them. I just can’t bear thinking of their reactions to that.”

Alicia made a wise ‘hmm’ from the sink. “What do you think would make them proud?”

Bad Reputation (Part Four) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: oh my God! I don’t think my inbox has ever been this filled than with people asking for this part of Bad Reputation! you guys are AMAZING! so, I just couldn’t leave you hanging there and I wrote it faster than I had originally planned but, inspiration kicked in so I couldn’t just let it go! haha and well, it seemed like you all really wanted it so… I hope you guys like it! :D you guys are AWESOMEEE xD haha so, you deserved you part 4! (I still don’t know how many parts this story is going to have yet :P) I hope you guys like it! xD

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

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Bad Reputation

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“Hey, (Y/N)” Oliver said finding the girl in the Common Room. She was sitting by the window reading a book.

“Oh, come on, Wood. It’s a Saturday!” (Y/N) said rolling her eyes.

“No, I know” he said laughing a little and sitting in front of her. “I was just uh wondering if you’re coming to the match later” he said not knowing why he got a bit nervous when he asked her.

“The match?”

“The Quidditch match” he said in an obvious tone.

“Why would I go to the Quidditch match?”

“W-well, Professor McGonagall thought it’d b-be good for you to get involved in school activities” he told her. It wasn’t exactly a lie. He had mentioned it to Professor McGonagall and she had thought it was a marvelous idea. That’s the same thing, right?

“Ugh! Isn’t it enough that I haven’t got detention for a week?”

“You haven’t got detention for a week?” he asked sounding a bit more shocked than he meant to.

“Actually, I got detention with Snape on Wednesday but he doesn’t really count, does he?” she asked smirking a bit at him. Oliver simply rolled his eyes laughing a little.

“So, you’ll come?” Oliver said a bit excited.

“Well, I’ve always had a deep admiration for guys who fly around in sticks with other guys” she said with a sly smirk.

“Hey! Quidditch is not just flying around! I’ll have you know that it is the most popular game among wizards and witches. In 1269, Barberus Bragge-”

“Alright, alright, fine! I’ll come!” she said stopping him from telling her every single thing he knew about Quidditch.


“Yes, you don’t have to cry about it” she said with a small smirk.

“I’m not crying about it” he pouted. “I just… thought you might even enjoy it” he told her.

“Doubt it but if it’ll get you to shut up about Quidditch, I’ll go” she told him.

“Good enough for me” he said feeling excited and standing up. “I’ll see you there, then” he told her leaving the girl with her book.

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Singing Circles Around Biersack

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I’m glad I could make you feel better I kinda like my idea about a karaoke sing off, how bout a sing off with y/n and Andy and the rest of bvb decides the winner, you can decide the prize maybe some fluff? If you want to of course Just something fun!


So this was supposed to be happy and fun… it turned into this mess of sadness and I don’t know why! :(

♥ -izzi


You were the lead singer of an up and coming band called Cyanide for Sleeping Beauty and you and the guys from BVB the band you were opening for had asked your band to go out drinking with them. You didn’t drink, so you’d been labeled the designated driver, and Andy had been given the same task for his band, so the two of you were the only ones who were sober.

Your keyboardist was currently whispering something in Ashley’s ear, and he started nodding eagerly, eyes flicking between you and Andy.

“Hey, Andy!” Ashley slurred, obviously drunk, “Alicia thinks that (Y/N) is a better singer than you,” Ashley taunted him and you and Andy shared a “this is about to get interesting” look.

“It’s true, (Y/N) could sing circles around you, mofo,” Alica started giggling and you rolled your eyes.

“Really? Can you sing circles around me, (Y/N)?” he asked, one eyebrow raised. By now the other members of your bands had already decided to tune into the conversation.

“I’ve heard (Y/N) sing, I think she’s better,” Jake concurred, and Jinxx shook his head, grabbing your bassist around the waist and pulling her close to him.

“No, Andy is better, obviously, he’s got more experience,” your bassist nodded, and then started playing with Jinxx’s hair, too drunk to continue concentrating.

“Fuck experience, her raw talent trumps all that shit,” your lead guitarist said, he always was an angry drunk.

“Let’s put it to the test!” Ashley said, like he’d been waiting to say that since he’d spoken the last time.

“How?” they all asked, except for you and Andy.

You glanced at each other again, and you mouthed to Andy, “I don’t think this is going to end well.”

He shrugged and winked at you, “What, afraid that I could show you up?”

You looked at him wide-eyed and then put your game face on, and glanced at your nails, seeming disinterested as you wiped them on your shirt to clean them.

“No, I just didn’t want to crush your man ego, but if you insist. How do you want to test your theory, Ashley?”

“There’s a karaoke bar down the block, they need to show down,” Alicia said and you shook your head.

“Winner get’s the loser as a slave for a day,” he murmured in your ear. It was an offer, something to make this about something more than just front man/woman pride.

You smirked, “Deal, but don’t whine like a bitch when I win,” you kissed him on the lips, mostly to throw him off but also because you’d wanted to do it all night, and had an excuse to do so now.

“Wait, what-,” he tried to say but you were already flitting off behind Ashley and Alicia who were leading the way to the karaoke bar. When you walked in it was packed, and the guys were occasionally approached by fans, but for the most part everything went smoothly as you and Andy were signed up by Ashley and Alicia for karaoke. When they came back they were giggling and you and Andy started questioning them.

“Why are you smiling like that?” you asked Alicia, and she looked at Ashley who giggled behind his hand.

“Ashley, what the fuck did you do?” Andy demanded to know and he just shook his head.

“All we did was sign you guys up for karaoke,” he said innocently, and you glared.

“What else did you do besides sign us up for karaoke?”

“Nothing,” he giggled with Alicia, and the two of you glared at them.

“What do you think they did?” you asked him and he looked frustrated.

“I don’t know, and knowing drunk Ashley I’m not sure I want to find out.”

“Me either,” you leaned back against your chair and ordered a drink.

“You’re not scared, are you?” he asked as you sipped your Roy Rogers.

“It almost makes you wish we could get drunk, huh?” he chuckled, ordering a coke.

“Sure fucking does,” you said, downing your drink, wishing you could taste alcohol in it.

After some out-of-key, cute, in-love, drunk couple finished on the stage you heard your names being called, you gave him a mock salute and you could see the BVB guys and the members of your band all crowded around the stage.

“So it looks like the song that you’ve chosen is, “You’re the One That I Want!” The announcer said happily

You looked at each other. “Is that Grease?” you asked him as the music started.

He didn’t answer, just glared at the guys.

“I’m still going to beat your ass,” he said, as the music started.

“Sandy?” The screen prompted him and he said what he was supposed to, less than enthused.

You smirked and then spoke your line.

“Tell me about, dud,” you said, purposefully changing the last word. His eyes flared and you smirked evilly. You were going to have fun with this.

The intro started and when his part came up he was obviously having a hard time staying in key, since his voice was so much lower than the original called for, but after the first few lines he got the hang of it.

“I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying and I’m losing control. Cause of power, you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!”

Of course, you were having the same problem, your voice also being naturally lower than the original version called for, but you didn’t have much problem teasing him once you got the key right.

You smirked at him before your part started.

“You better shape up,” you pushed his chest and he glared, “cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you. You better shape. You better understand. To my heart I must be true… ooo”

He started his part, trying to out-sing you. “Nothing left, nothing left for me to do,”

You sang in tandem, “You’re the one that I want, ooo, ooo, ooo, honey. The one that I want.. Ooo, ooo, ooo, honey. The one that I want., ooo, ooo, ooo, the one I need. Oh yes indeed.”

He glared at you.

“If you’re filled, with affection, you’re too shy, to convey… meditate, my direction, feel your way.” You smirked, this song gave you a definite dominating edge.

“Wow!” he screamed and you smirked.

“I better shape up, because you need a man,”

“I need a man, who can keep me satisfied,” you looked him up and down mockingly, and that only made him angrier.

“I better shape up, If I’m going to prove-“

“You better prove,” you were just having to much fun watching him get angry. “That my faith is justified,”

“Are you sure?”

You sang together, “Yes I’m sure down deep inside. You’re the one that I want, ooo, ooo, ooo, honey.”

And it continued like that, andy becoming visibly frustrated, while you just giggled in between lines and wrapped your arm around his, teasing him as you sang. Swinging your hips to the beat. Of the two of you you were obviously the better performer, and you were almost entirely sure you were going to win this.

You played with him, taking his hand and putting it above your head and spinning beneath it, tugging hin around the stage like you were actually enjoying this, which you sort of were. Seeing Andy angry about stupid things was always funny. He was visibly displeased. When the song ended you wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, because it was going to make for a great way to end your strange little performance.

“Yeah!” you could hear the members of both of your bands screaming, and you giggled.

“(Y/N) wins, what the fuck was that Andy? That sucked!” Ashley laughed and you giggled, but he wasn’t listening, he was just staring at you like a deer caught in headlights.

“Man, Andy, that was really bad,” Jinxx said while your bandmates cheered for you.

“I think I win,” you told him, and he glared. “Don’t glare at me, slave,” you told him and his gaze heated up more.

“Hey, you were the one who suggested it, cocky bastard. I’m just following through with your suggestion. Come on, slave,” you said, taking his microphone from him and giving it to the announcer.

“You cheated.” He said, and you shook your head.

“Nope, there was no cheating on my part, just crappy performing on yours. Now, stay still, and close your eyes.”

He grumbled and you smiled sadly at him. You reached up and kissed his lips softly, the way you’d wanted to since you met him. Just when he started to kiss back you moved away. You weren’t refusing him, though, you were refusing yourself. He started to open his eyes, but you placed your hand over them. You didn’t want him to see you cry.

“I release you from slavery,” you said, trying to sound like you were laughing.

He was dumbfounded, and when you started rounding up your girls, and guitarist he still hadn’t moved. Alicia was less than eager to leave, and so was your bassist, but you eventually managed to pile all of them into the car you’d rented. Before you got in to drive them back to the bus Andy came out and stood beside you.

“Why’d you do that?” he asked, and you giggled, trying to hide the hurt in your heart.

“Because I don’t believe in slavery, duh,” you laughed, and tried to go, but he took your arm in his large warm hand. Even thought the leather of your jacket you could feel his heat.

“Don’t do that. You do that too much.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you told him, playing dumb, but you knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Don’t lie to me. Don’t shut me out,” he begged, his blue eyes shining with sadness. “That kiss, you weren’t just playing, it wasn’t like the others.”

“Stop being silly, I was just teasing you,” you tried to play it off, but he wasn’t having any of it.

“Yeah, then I’m ‘just teasing’ too.” He said before pulling you to him and kissing you the way you’d wanted him to kiss you for too long to honestly recount. You were just starting to really enjoy the warmth of his mouth when Alicia honked the horn.

You jumped away from each other, noth of you a little bit flushed.

“We’ll talk about this later. I need to get these drunk bastards back to the bus before they destroy something,” you said, and you nodded.

“Same,” you said. “And, Andy,” you said, catching his attention again, “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Sure thing,” he winked at you, before going to round up the guys.

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Chris or Nick hardcore flirting with Elyza in front of Alicia (not knowing Alicia has a thing for her), and you can do what you will with it! Make Elyza flirt back to tease Alicia, make her shoot them down directly, Alicia dragging Elyza somewhere and making sure she knows who she belongs to, idk anything! But definitely a jealous!alicia !

“Hey there little guy.” Elyza took her hand and messed up the mop of dark hair on Chris’ head. “How’s it hanging?” The boy looked up from his bowl of cereal and grinned at the blonde. “Get out of here with that little guy stuff.” He playfully patted her hand away. Alicia looked up with a raised eyebrow as she witnessed the exchange. “What are you gonna do about it?” Elyza asked giving him a punch in the arm and sticking out her tongue at him. 

Chris stood up and set his feet. “You wanna take this outside?” Elyza took a step toward him and knowing Alicia was watching her every move got in Chris’ personal space. “I don’t know I’ve never been much for voyeurism.” 

Chris’ eyes went a little wider at her words. “Well, I mean if you really want to-” Elyza held up her hand to stop him. “Don’t finish that sentence cowboy. You must be this tall to ride.” Elyza held up her hand slightly above Chris’ head. 

“Also, you don’t have the…equipment I like to play with either.” Alicia couldn’t help but choke a little at her last words.

Chris rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. “Whatever.” 

The moment he left the room Alicia bolted from her seat and pulled Elyza into the large pantry and shut the door behind them. “Well, hello there.” Elyza teased, feeling Alicia’s body pressed against her own in the tight space. “What did you think you were doing with Chris?” Alicia asked her lips pressing against Elyza’s neck. 

“Having a little fun.” Elyza laughed, her hands tangling in Alicia’s long hair. “And maybe getting you a little worked up in the process.” Elyza was slightly surprised at how aggressive Alicia was being in the small room. Alicia bit down hard on Elyza’s neck making the blonde moan loudly. “Okay, maybe a lot worked up.” She corrected herself, feeling her body being to respond. 

“I need you to remember that you’re mine. And I don’t teach the same lesson twice so pay attention.” Alicia smiled as she dropped to her knees and quickly undid Elyza’s pants. Yes, ma’am.” Elyza sighed, resting her back against the wall enjoying every single feelings in the darkness. 

  • Friend: If you're calling to tell me that you just binge-watched FTWD for ADC, I don't know what the hell you were thinking.
  • Me:
  • Friend: Alicia Clark is living in a world, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. In the original series, they've already killed off female characters just to shock viewers. If you think she'll be safe and well-protected you've got to be lying to yourself. Your precious cinnamon roll too good, too pure for this world will most likely be 1. Shot, 2. Infected, 3. Eaten Alive. You're going to be devastated all over again, and she won't even die for being queer, but as a heterosexual.
  • Me: So what do you think about Elyza Lex, Alicia's potential love interest in season 2?
  • Friend: You're getting yourself screwed over. However, if Eliza Taylor joins FTWD named Elyza Lex and ends up with Alicia, I will gladly accept that ship. Because AbsoFuckingLutely would I enjoy a badass not to mention hot and beautiful couple killing Walkers. Besides we need someone to lower Alicia's walls and who better to do that than Elyza Lex. Clexa will live once again!
  • Me: That was easy.

So the phandom has recently developed this love of Wes, but I have a headcanon that Wes is Danny’s cousin (I hope this hasn’t already been done).

I mean, we can’t deny that he does look like Danny, but we also cannot deny that he looks like Aunt Alicia (as shown above)–they have the same hair color and freckles–so, my thinking is that Wes lives in Amity park with his dad instead of his mom (because his mom is kinda nuts). His dad probably doesn’t care much for the Fentons, so Danny hasn’t spent much time with Wes since they were little (before the divorce) and, being on the basketball team, he and Danny would travel in different social circles anyway.

The fact that Wes is Danny’s cousin would also validate the assumed personality the phandom has created for him that Wes knows that Danny is Phantom. Because, having spent time with him growing up (maybe even playing “save the town from ghosts” games) and would therefore notice similar personality traits between Danny and Phantom and also recognize the possibility that Danny could get ghost powers from his parents inventions.

So yeah, that’s my headcanon. What do you guys think?

Elyza waking up to see Chris standing above her and Alicia and jumping up and grabbing his throat. “What do you think you’re doing junior?” The commotion wakes Alicia who jumps from the bed and sees Elyza slam Chris’ body into the bedroom wall. “I’m not going to ask again.” Elyza reaching down and grabbing the knife from his hand. 

Chris doesn’t speak though, he just looks from Elyza to Alicia. This makes Elyza even more upset, “You don’t look at her, you don’t say her name, and you don’t even go anywhere near here from now on.” Elyza raising the knife to Chris’ throat and pressing it to his tan skin as she growls, “I won’t be as gentle next time I catch you around her.” Elyza throwing Chris by the neck out of the room and locking the door.

“It’s okay, he’s not getting back in here.” Elyza sitting back in the bed and letting Alicia curl her body into her. Elyza waiting until Alicia falls back into a restless sleep before putting her back into bed and kissing her forehead. Elyza doesn’t sleep the rest of the night.

Making Up For Lost Time (Lexark)

Alicia woke up to the early morning sun shining through her window. She blinked a few times to try and get her eyes to focus. Looking up she saw Elyza walking around the room moving things everywhere.

“What are you doing?” Alicia asked sleepily, sitting up on her elbows and looking around her room. Half the room was covered in cut out paper hearts the other half paper snowflakes and there were candles burning around the room, even though it was morning. 

“Just trust me.” Elyza said still walking around the room, a little more quickly now. “It’s almost ready.” Alicia watched her move a tray over to her dresser with two chairs pushed up to it and put it down. “Okay, I’m ready.” Elyza turned to face Alicia and held out her arms. “What do you think?” 

Alicia took another look at the room, candles, and decorations. “I think you may be going crazy.” 

“No, this is special.” Elyza put her hands down with a smile and a sigh and walked over to the bed. She held out her arms to help Alicia out of bed. “Shall we begin?” Alicia looked up at Elyza both intrigued and confused but took her hands and let her help her out of bed. 

Elyza walked her over to her dresser with the chairs and the tray. This was where the paper hearts hung around and Elyza pulled out one of the chairs. “Happy Valentines Day.” 

Alicia looked at her like she was crazy. “What are you talking about?” She laughed, half amused and half confused. 

“Making up for lost time.” Elyza smiled, “We’re going to celebrate everything right now so that we can say we did if we never get another chance.” 

Alicia’s heart melted as she looked at the blonde. “This is amazing. How have you hidden this romantic side of yourself from the world?” Alicia asked as she sat down and watched Elyza sit next to her. 

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We All Have Them (Lexark) Blurb

The silence woke her as it often did most nights, her cheeks were wet with tears and she knew she had been having nightmares again. Alicia rolled over and saw Elyza propped up on her arm looking at her lovingly. “Are you okay?” She asked, reaching over with her free hand and wiping away a tear. 

Alicia shook her head and moved closer to the blonde. “What’s wrong with me?” She asked, feeling weak for crying.

Elyza paused before responding softly, “It’s the same thing that’s wrong with all of us. Our demons haunt us and we have our own ways of dealing with it.” 

“I hate it so much.” Alicia moved so she was cradled into Elyza’s chest. “I want to be strong like you.” 

Elyza gave a small laugh, “You don’t want that. You are just too good for this world. I won’t let it destroy you.” It was a promise to Alicia and Elyza, she wouldn’t lose her. 

“I just don’t want to feel like this anymore. I still see their faces. How do you fight it?” Alicia asked, moving so she could look into Elyza’s face.

“I don’t fight.” Elyza confessed. “Sometimes I can feel them overtake me and I lose myself in my own demons.”

Alicia looked confused, “What do you do?” 

Elyza smiled and kissed Alicia’s forehead, “I think about you.” Elyza pulled Alicia closer. “If I’m able to I hold you and I know that they can never touch me the way you touch my heart, my soul.” Elyza would never confess this to anyone else.

“It was like there had always been a piece of myself missing and now I know I can fight the demons because they’ll never have my soul, part of it lives in you.” 

Alicia felt warm tears running down her cheeks, but these weren’t from sadness or fear. “I love that you’re like this with me. It makes me feel special.” Alicia confessed.

“Good, because you are.” Elyza wrapped her arms tightly around Alicia. “Try and sleep again. I won’t let them get you.” 

Alicia leaned up and kissed her lips softly. “Goodnight.” 

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jack and alicia mother-son bonding time, maybe on mothers day; just imagining them at the close of the day, chilling on the back porch, just able to be quiet and comfortable and /loving/ in each other's presence, and maybe jack's taking a photo of the fucking sunset and alicia just look at him and can't stop smiling because her son is happy and I am crying


Idk, I think Alicia got really sad anytime she looked at Jack post-OD because she didn’t know how to treat him, so she treated him like he was made of glass. 

And Jack didn’t know what to do without his mother constantly smiling at him and chatting with him while she worked in her home office. 

They both skirted around each other for so long, and then Jack said he was going to Samwell, and she loved the idea of her alma mater being home to her child, her precious baby. 

And that Samwell magic softens Jack’s heart and brings back her child, more of less. He talks to he again, granted only about important things, and the calls are by no means frequent or casual. But he talks to her and she feels like things will go well. 

And then a tiny blonde boy arrives and suddenly Alicia isn’t hearing about Jack’s grocery budget or his grades, or what test he is studying for. She is hearing about this frustrating freshman who seems to blink and pies appear. 

Alicia doesn’t see the problem, because Jack doesn’t like pies. 

The next month Jack complains about the tiny freshman ruining his carefully planned hockey with his pies. Apparently Jack had 6 slices of pie in the last week. Alicia doesn’t say a word because she doesn’t want to ruin it. 

This goes on for the whole year, and through the summer, and the next year, Jack is sending her photos from his photography class. 

Bittle said these were his favorites, what do you think? 

And Alicia knows that Jack is asking about the photos, but she really wants to talk about the boy that Jack is trusting, but she doesn’t. 

But then Jack flies home for spring break, and one evening, while Bob is cleaning up dinner and doing the dishes, Alicia and Jack end up on the back porch that overlooks some trees (maybe a river??), just the two of them. 

Her boy has his camera trained on the beautiful purple and red sunset, and he’s wearing a soft smile, probably unconsciously. She missed the easy way Jack used to smile, how he found pleasure in the little moments that brought him peace. 

He turns the camera around and flips through a few photos on the screen before turning to show her. They’re beautiful, but not as beautiful as her son’s happiness, finally returned to her after all these years. 

“You’re happy, Jack.” 

You can only ignore things for so long. 

Jack lets the camera rest in his lap, before he looks up and gives her a half-smile. 

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

Alicia smiles, and sits back in her chair. Does it really matter what (or who) made him happy? 

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give me some hope please. the fan that was at the filiming location give some random tweets about lexa destiny, when we asked about it she said it was more complicated and that she didn't saw her dying but its not sure about lexa's mortality, also the vine about eliza and alicia huggin; eliza crying. what do you think of that? cloud lexa get trapped in the City of lights? thank you.

FIRST!!! Please don’t read if there is a chance I am right. I don’t want to spoil something on accident due to my over analyzing and theorizing. This would be spoiling season 3 and the storyline for season 4 (if it is rooted in some type of truth).

So, I looked over some stuff that was said about the ‘hug’ and a few vague things. Let me first start off with…what I am about to theorize might not be what you want to hear. HOWEVER, just a reminder that we have no clue what actually went down and I am by no means right. Do not take this as what is actually going to happen. Please don’t panic. I am just basing this off of future story telling possibilities, past seasons, parallels, and just a few leaked things. Lexa isn’t dead…it’s just…ummm…complicated. 

First, let me start off with a question I have been asking myself: what happens to the people IN The City of Light when they destroy the source that is creating it? If they destroy ALIE, are the people lost mentally on this other plane while their bodies are in the real reality? If this link to both realities is severed (ALIE killed) how will they find their people and this plane to bring them back? Well, ALIE isn’t the only link. Clarke and Lexa are another link. They are able to be connected between these two realities due to their ‘real human connection’. 

If this was indeed the ‘final scene’ we have to think about where they can go with story for a season 4. You also have to look back on the previous season to see what they could parallel in these last moments. One thing that they could parallel is that of choice and sacrifice. They could possibly have Lexa chose to sacrifice herself being the inside ‘link’ to the City of Light while Clarke is the outside ‘link’. So, in the finale the end could be nearing and the final moments are building up to killing ALIE; however, Abby, Kane and a few others that Clarke loves are still trapped in The City of Light. If Clarke is drawn back fully into the real reality they won’t be able to find this ‘virtual reALIty’ because there is no more link. Clarke wants to stay, “No, I have to save them” but Lexa sees that Clarke is too weak from a wound that she might have suffered. So, Lexa goes in her place. 

Lexa knows how much Clarke’s people mean to her. “Well, what do you want?” “Nothing. My people back. I can’t think past today.” If Abby is one of those people that are trapped inside The City of Light, Clarke will NOT leave her. Remember, Clarke ran back for Abby before the bombing of TonDC – she draws the line at Abby. We then see that Lexa draws the line at Clarke and that what she meant by “not everyone, not you.” So, Lexa goes in Clarke’s place to get “our people back”. Clarke is Lexa’s person and the Skaikru in turn are her people too. Maybe there was a scene in Vancouver of Clarke and Lexa being dragged away from each other or Lexa collapsing after she takes the ‘thing’ that takes her to The City of Light. At the end of season 2 Lexa left the Sky People to be slaughtered by the Mountain Men because she had no better option. She chose her head over her heart. This last moment Lexa is choosing her heart over her head. Will it be her undoing? or will it lead to rescuing the people trapped in The City of Light? “Salvation comes at a price” –Kane  

I think that starting season 3 off with showing the Dropship bracelet (on Niylah’s wrist) is going to foreshadow quite a few things. One, it will reference Clarke’s dialogue she said while painting in her prison cell about “The ground, that’s the dream. This is reality. Reality sucks.” This will be used to show how the real reality was Clarke’s prison but then she realizes that it is far from it. The City of Light is the new ‘prison cell’ that is disguised as a place of freedom and peace. The other parallel will be that the delinquents were ‘plugged into’ a computer system with the bracelets, just like how the people in The City of Light are ‘plugged into’ a virtual reality. Honestly, rewatch the Pilot and see JUST how many parallels you can draw. You can draw the parallels between Abby telling Clarke, “Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father, but be careful. I can’t lose you, too. I love you so much.” Think about this being the reason why Lexa decides to be the ‘inside link’ to The City of Light. Clarke is hurt and probably won’t survive if she stays. Lexa loves Clarke. She told Clarke “Love is weakness” and she was partly true. Love is what is making her sacrifice herself so that Clarke will survive, but love is also a strength; it is Clarke and Lexa’s love that is the link that will save the people lost in The City of Light. 

So, why is Eliza wiping tears away after she is hugging Alycia? Well, because she probably just shot an emotional scene where Clarke was crying due to the woman she LOVES sacrificing herself to save THEIR people. Clarke might say “You could die, Lexa” and then Lexa could say “death is not the end”, trying to comfort Clarke in their last moments together…not knowing if they will see each other again. They might both exchange “May we meet again’s” and then BOOM! they are separated when ALIE is destroyed. Maybe Lexa’s body is crumpled on the ground in front of Clarke as her mind is trapped in The City of Light. Then, they called ‘cut’ and if this was a wrap for Alycia on season 3, that would explain everyone hugging. However, Lexa isn’t dead. She is in The City of Light and next season Clarke is going to try to figure out how to get everyone out of this virtual dimension. I theorized that Clarke was forced to go to The City of Light and that is why she is in her s1 outfit and not in ‘modern’ clothes. If Lexa goes to The City of Light willingly…does that change their ability to connect between realities? With this finale there will be so many question about season 4, Clexa, and Lexa. 

Additionally, you know how this show loves it’s ‘grander messages’? Season 4 could be about “what does it mean to be alive?” This season could address the issues surrounding life support, organ donations, etc. and when is a person really dead? Is it brain death? is it when the body stops functioning? If Lexa and the others that are lost in ‘The City of Light’’s bodies are still alive but their minds are not ‘here’…are they alive or dead? As mentioned, we would see the conflict of the grounder reincarnation traditions and them come into question about if the commander’s spirit has left Lexa’s body or if it is still there.

This ending would set up multiple things that could happen during season 4. You will have a scenario where Lexa is perceived as ‘dead’ but not ‘dead’ and you will see how the Trikru will chose a new leader. How will they navigate this ‘in between’ of Lexa not being dead but still have their beliefs of reincarnation? Will Clarke have to protect Lexa’s body that is on THIS plane from the Trikru who believe her body must die in order to have a new leader? Will conflict arise out of this? Clarke is protecting Lexa’s body to be the link and because she loves her. Lexa being “dead” would also set of the storyline of choosing a new Coalition Commander. I theorized that maybe Ontrai might be the new Ice Nation Queen if Nia dies in season 3…so, could the Ice Nation become the new Commander of the Coalition? Or some other clan leader could be? Is there even a Coalition anymore? There are countless other things that “Lexa’s death” would set up for some brilliant storytelling, without Lexa ACTUALLY being dead. Therefore, they could retain the audience members that only watch the show because of Clexa/Lexa while still having the ‘effects’ of her death creating HUGE ripples in the story. 

Let me just add on to this: The City of Light is A LIE. It is even in the name ‘The City of Lie-tuh’. It was created by ALIE who is ArtificiaL IntelligencE. The City of Light is an alternate reALIty that is disguised a place of real peace. A place that the Skaikru will “believe is real peace” (a quote from 3x01). But, it is not it is a City of Lies. It is a prison created by ALIE to control the human population so that they do not repeat history (this is my theory). The humans live in the real world but are in this digital reality that is on top of the real reality. What is real and what is not is symbolized by the light on top of the Polis tower. Light vs LIE-tuh. The Polis tower has a burning light that is REAL; Polis is a real place in the real REALity. 

Okay, let me reiterate that I HAVE no clue what is going to happen. Don’t base this theory off of my other ones being right. This is just a theory to show how you have to take into account what they could do for a 4th season with what happens in the finale. Additionally, you have to look at the themes of The 100 about saving your people, sacrifice, etc. that could be paralleled. Additionally, if Jason doesn’t know if they can get Alyica back for the majority of season 4, this would we a viable solution for her being alive off screen. 

The Secret Chronicles: The Meeting (Lexark)

Elyza walked into the kitchen and saw Madison sitting at the table slowly drinking her coffee. Their eyes met and Elyza almost turned around and walked out but Madison stopped her. “Did you think I wouldn’t find out about you sneaking around to see her?” It wasn’t a question Madison needed answered, but her tone made Elyza’s blood run cold in her veins. She wasn’t scared of the woman, but she was scared of the knowledge she held and what that could mean for her future with Alicia.

“Do you think I would hesitate for one second telling her if I need to?” Madison raised an eyebrow and set her coffee down on the table. Madison placed her palms flat on the table and slowly got up and walked over to Elyza. Neither woman moved, as they got closer. “How did it feel to stick a knife in the back of her neck?” Madison was trying to provoke a reaction and Elyza knew it. But it didn’t stop her from clenching her fists until she felt her nails digging into her palms.

“Just stop.” Elyza spat through gritted teeth. “It was a mistake. I’ll leave her alone.” Madison narrowed her eyes and stared into Elyza’s icy blue ones for a long moment. “You’re a killer Elyza. You shouldn’t even be here. The only reason I’m even allowing you to stay here is because I know she’d try and find you if you left.” Madison didn’t know it but her last words had lit a small fire of hope in Elyza’s chest. Alicia would try and find her if she left, maybe that would be her next move. Elyza kept her face neutral so she wouldn’t give anything away.

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What kind of music do you think Alicia and Elyza like?

Alicia: rap/hip-hop but also very hipster, indie coffee shop kind of vibe stuff

Elyza: the songs that describe her and the songs that she actually listens to are two very different things. for example, the kind of song that describes Elyza Lex is “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant. but the stuff she actually listens to? ‘80s and ‘90s shit like Spice Girls and just really cheesy stuff. she LOVES jamming to Africa by Toto. she serenades Alicia all the time. 


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Drunk!Alicia(prior to Lexark dating) sauntering around the boat and she slings her arms around Ofelia and giggles. Ofelia looks at her and laughs, asking what is wrong with her. "What do you think of Elyza?" Ofelia looks at her questioningly and tilts her head. "What do you mean what do I think? She saved your life. She knows how to use guns. She kind of scares me." Ofelia takes the bottle of wine from Alicia and takes a swig. Alicia sighs, "no like, what do you think of HER. As a person," 1/?

“I’m not sure what you mean..” Ofelia hesitates. Alicia just groans and then hiccups a drunken smile onto her face. “Okay okay, do you think she’s a good person?” Alicia asks so sweetly Ofelia can’t help but sense hesitancy. “Well yeah, I mean, she seems to care about everyone here and wants to help us out. Why do you ask?” Alicia turns her head toward the upper deck where Elyza is playing cards with Nick and Chris. “No reason,” Alicia leans her head on Ofelia’s shoulder and smiles 2/?

Ofelia let’s Alicia lean on her shoulder comfortably and they both are quiet. Alicia giggles again and Ofelia swears she hears her whisper “she’s so hot.” “Oh my god, I knew it!” Ofelia exclaims and Alicia’s eyes bug open with fear. “I didn’t say anything!” “You totally have the hots for her!” “Whatever Ofelia no I don’t,” Alicia stubbornly exclaims. “It’s okay. I think she likes you, too.” Ofelia smiles at her friend and gives her a kiss on her temple. Alicia smiles to herself. 3/3

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