alicia takes photos

•Alicia admits repeatedly that Elyza’s stupid smirk is the most irritating thing (secretly loves it)

•Alicia tries to act sassy, snarky and sarcastic to piss off Elyza, but Elyza just chuckles for Alicia is adorable when frustrated

•" I’m starting to think you’re not as straight as you say you are.“

“Fuck off.”

“Care to prove me wrong?”

•Elyza always catches Alicia staring whenever she thinks she’s not paying attention

•"Are we seriously stopping, so you can charge your IPhone during a zombie apocalypse?“

"Use the time wisely, to go take a shower. You smell.”

•Elyza teaches Alicia how to shoot a gun and how to fight

•Alicia collecting all the candles whenever they stay overnight in an abandon home

•Alicia sneakily taking a photo of Elyza when she’s asleep or spacing out

•"Always make sure you have perfect aim so your shot doesn’t backfire and you accidentally shoot me.“

•"You wear way too many flannels, to be considered straight.”

•"Will you stop getting distracted by my legs, please?“

•Stealing clothing from abandon houses

•"We’re supposed to be stocking up on food and here we are, eating candy and junk food.”
•"Hey, want to do something dumb?“
“Like what?”
“Lie down in the middle of the road or sit on the train tracks?”
•Alicia not sure how to feel about killing her first walker and Elyza saying “Blood Must Have Blood.”
•Elyza keeping a sketchbook on her if she has the time to draw (possibly Alicia)
•"Why do you wear war paint?“
“I don’t know. It just feels right.”
•"Life is about more than just surviving.“
•Alicia being a fast learner and being able to challenge Elyza when sparring
•Elyza wearing her hair in braids one day and Alicia being caught off guard
•Arguing over who gets the only bed in the house, but ends up sharing the mattress in the end
“Just because we’re sharing a bed, does not mean we need to spoon.”
“It’s for body heat.”
“Lame ass, excuse.”
“Why am I the little spoon?”
“Shh, shut up and go to sleep.”
•Crossed arms and pouty lips
•Alicia constantly snorting at something stupid
•"I was dreaming and you were there.“
“Awe, I’m even in your dreams? How sweet.”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“I get what you mean. You’re in my dreams too.”
•Elyza always amused whenever Alicia’s talking
•Elyza playing doctor when Alicia gets hurt
•Alicia being stubborn and refusing help because she hates being treated like a baby

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