alicia steele

reasons why you should listen to Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812
  • is described as an electropop opera based on a seventy page slice of War and Peace
  • is described by a friend of mine as eastern european folk music but also country
  • but he’s wrong so actually don’t listen to that
  • phillipa soo is in it
  • why would you pass up a chance to listen to pippa’s amazing voice belt to this crazy lovely strange music
  • I was blasting it the other day and my parents came home and my dad’s reaction was basically, “we step out for five minutes and you’re throwing a rave”
  • no, dad, this is not a rave
  • because it’s tolstoy, there’s just so much nineteenth century russian etiquette and I’m a nerd who is incredibly entertained by it
  • and the characters narrate their own actions as they happen, which always sounds idiotic when I do it, but here I am just inexplicably charmed by it
  • there’s this one note that lucas steele, who plays anatole kuragin, sings that apparently was written as a joke because nobody was going to sing that ridiculously high note
  • but lucas fucking HITS THAT NOTE
  • I swear from a technical standpoint this musical is unbelievable and between lucas and pippa I basically spend the entire time freaking out because hot damn your range
  • and the music
  • the music is just so cool dammit dave malloy
  • it is certifiably one of the coolest things
  • just check it out okay

Alicia Steele (hostess) and Big Zach break down the science of the inaugural Hip-Hop Harambee.

Atlas* News (1st Entry)

So today is Wednesday and I’ve been asked to come in to a High School and teach songwriting at 2:15. Its ironic because I myself am a High School student and I have to go to school today and work on my Bass God project… Something to laugh at when I get older I suppose. But Guante has this event called “JumpstART” at the Canvas at 6:30 and it looks like a workshop on how to get paid doing what you love to do anyway. Which is full circle for me because my first experience with Guante was at a similar workshop last year before I became involved in the scene and was still a rhymebook emcee. 

And then at 9:00 tonight there’s another event going on at “The Cause”. I was invited to it but, still have to pay at the door. Looks like Irenic is performing and I’ve been seeing her buzz on my newsfeeds very often now. She doesnt remember me but, I filmed her first performance at the Canvas Summer Jumpoff Rap Show last winter. She seemed shaky but she was the first emcee i’ve ever seen rap while playing guitar at the same time so im curious to see how far she’s come along as well after 9 months. We both kind of started at the same time.

Which leads me conviently to tomorrow which is Thursday. See, I hate when this happens; two or more events that you get invited to are scheduled around the same time. There’s an Open Mic at The Canvas around about 6:00, so I would have to be there at 5:30 to sign up but, there’s also a Network and Parlay going on at about 6:30 or 7:00 with Desdamona and I guess theyre speaking on the State Of Minnesota HipHop. I was told by Susan its good to keep a regular presence at venues and i must say that I haven’t been out since Giant Steps a few weeks ago so I might not be very noteworthy anymore. Then again… I was invited to spit at a new friends show tomorrow night at Fuzion Nightclub. His name is Dro and I find him to be dope. We both performed at my Voices Merging Open Mic and he recognized me from The Blue Nile 2 months ago even without my Scarf on anymore. He asked me to come to his event and said he’d let me spit bars with him. Its funny though, im looking at the back of this flyer he handed me and it says Lil C is going to be performing as well. Is there another Lil C or is this my friend from school? Im gonna go check it out regardless…

Friday is kind of awesome already… at 11:00 that night, Alicia Steele is performing at the Dakota Jazz Club with her band The Endeavors? I want to film her perform but My camera is kind of jacked up right now. I cant wait until I can perform at The Dakota but I hear-tell theyre a little snoody against emcee’s and stuff… Which doesnt really effect me because Im starting my own instrumental musician’s band this fall and I like contemporary jazz so… suck my dick; emcee’s can/are be musicians too motherfuckers.

Obviously being a songstress like Alicia Steele allows one to be more transcendent through the city walls and stuff. Jazz clubs are a little difficult if your strictly a HipHop artist. And its wierd because Live musicians are welcome to come perform at our hiphop oriented venues…