alicia saaman

Alicia is pretty pathetic.

Like, how do you feel watching this week’s episode and realizing that you, a twenty-four year old, ruined your own vacation in Greece because your mind was dead-set on revenge?

How do you feel watching a younger replacement (who has proven her worth) find her own peace and balance with good judgement?

It’s clear that Alicia listened to her brother, but really?  I do hope (which is something I don’t necessarily condone) that Alicia’s plan turns against her.  The only reason why I wish for this is because I really dislike when these girls complain about getting jumped when they’re jumping in in the first place.  

Don’t get involved in other people’s conflicts when it does not concern you.  Uh, unless it’s something serious like domestic violence.  Then be a voice and a shoulder for the victims.

It honestly pisses me off...

How delusional Shanrock fans always talk about Valentina and Alicia’s physical flaws. I am team #ShanRock all the way but IMO Val and Alicia are 10x prettier than Them that doesn’t excuse that they are horrible excuses for women, but still.