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02/ Backstage: Behind the Show

How are Seoul concerts different from tour concerts?

O: The communication with the audience is more animated in Korean concerts when compared to overseas concerts because we use the same language. Whatever SHINee talks about, the audience reacts immediately. It’s a shame as we have to communicate through the translators when we are overseas. I even feel like I want to study more language.

It must feel different singing on a large concert stage than in recording booth. What do you think the charm of concert is?

O: I feel a sense of freedom when I’m on concert stage. I feel very free because I can run around on the big stage and sing. Although there is a fixed flow to follow, I can freely express my emotions within that. There’s no decision made on what kind of expression I need to make at this point or what kind of gesture I need to do. That emotion felt at that moment creates my gesture.

Do you feel more excited because of the audience on concert stages?

O: Of course. But there is also this sense of fun that can only be felt in the recording booth too. It feels strange when I think about how many people in the world would listen to this song that I’m recording right now. Because the number can be larger or smaller than the concert audiences. I become very serious when recording too.

Do you tend to get nervous before going up on concert stage?

O: I have a weird habit. I’m always sleepy 10 minutes before going up on concert stage. Maybe because I’m not nervous at all or maybe it’s because I’m extremely nervous, I don’t know. But as soon as I go up on stage, my hands and feet get cold and I can feel the tension and when I’m on stage looking at the fan lights I reach a stage of liberation. I forget about the tension itself completely during that moment.

How do you spend time in the waiting room?

O: I usually sleep but during this concert tour I was rarely in the waiting room because I was practicing tap dance. I practiced for an hour before going on stage to prepare my body. It’s somewhat like a warm-up exercise. Normally during concerts, I always try to sleep during resting time. If I don’t do that, my physical energy cannot keep up.

Do you have any stage that you were inspired by while preparing the stage concept of SHINee World 4?

O: No. I actually don’t really research into concert recordings. I did purchase <Alicia Keys: Diary> concert recording by chance. She sings songs superbly. I became a fan of her. Especially that duet song that Alicia Keys sang with a male who sang the back vocals was amazing. I sometimes listen to her songs even now. I always hope SHINee would be able to perform stages that touch the audiences too. I hope anyone can become our fan just by watching our stage.

While doing SHINee World 4, was there a member you became to admire?

O: Everyone has their own strengths. I’m always amazed by Minho’s restless physical strength. Key always tries his best on stage whether or not someone is watching. To be honest, no matter how hard we do our performance on stage, not even 1/10 of it gets expressed on screen. But Key puts all his energy on stage to the extent that I can feel that ‘he’s really working hard’ even by watching the screen. Taemin is really the best in terms of performance. When he expresses his own individuality on stage amazingly, I feel that he’s ‘amazing’ even as a member in the same group. Jonghyun sings well. He expresses very delicately of even very small emotions.

How much do you think you’ve grown through SHINee World 4 concert?

O: Perhaps my lung capacity has grown? Haha. I think my ability to cope in unexpected situations has improved. To be honest, the pleasure felt in concerts is very extraordinary. I’m definitely doing a physically strenuous choreography on stage but I can hardly feel that it’s strenuous. Then as soon as I come down from stage, I get knocked out.

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Ten Years of The Office: Drug Testing 2x20 April 27, 2006

“Two nights ago, I went to an Alicia Keys concert at the Montage Mountain Performing Arts Center. I scored these great aisle seats. Anyway, after the opening act this beautiful girl sits down next to me and I never get to meet girls with lip rings and she had one. I don’t know exactly how this happened but one of her friends started passing around some stuff and they said it was clove cigarettes, and I’m sure that it was clove cigarettes. Everybody in the aisle was doing it.”