Grimes post from: Adele Comes Out as a Feminist in Rolling Stone Interview, Talks of Sexism in the Industry

“Unfortunately, Adele’s experience isn’t unique. Artists at all levels have shared similar experiences in recent interviews. Nicki Minaj summed her issues up quite concisely for Time back in February.

“Women in the industry are judged more,” she said to Time. “If you speak up for yourself, you’re a bitch. If you party too much, you’re a whore. Men don’t get called these things.”

In an interview with Telegraph, Alicia Keys, who shares Adele’s penchant for dynamic and dramatic vocal performances, described facing sexism from all angles of the industry when she was first starting out. For her, much of it had to do with executives trying to sexualize her.

“‘Oh that’s beautiful, that’s nice, why don’t you unbutton the shirt a little lower, pull the skirt a little higher, it’s really nice,’” she told the Telegraph she would hear. “That kind of set me on my path to be stronger about not letting people tell me anything, only trusting my own instincts, but that’s tricky too.”

On the independent level, women like Grimes face untenable stigmas governing what female artists should be. They’re frequently pushed off the technical production aspects of music in favor of men, as she’s described in interviews with Fader and the New Yorker as well as on Twitter.”

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