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I always see hcs about Rich being ashamed and covering his scars but consider this:

- Rich always wears that one tank top and scars aren’t gonna stop him now
- He lies to make himself look badass at first but then he realizes that “I set a fire because of a computer in my head. People are either gonna think it’s cool or a joke.” So he comes clean.
- Post-Squip he already makes a lot of bi puns, but he then starts making fire puns too, especially calling himself a flaming bisexual
- He gets super into ATLA and says he’s the ultimate firebender and challenges Zuko to fights, despite him being a fictional character.
- He does get a tattoo, it’s the bisexual symbol on fire, but he gets it on the inside of his wrist rather than over his scars
- He has a playlist of songs consisting of only songs that mention fire.
- Some of these include Fireball by Pitbull, Girl on Fire by Alicia Keyes, Burn from Hamilton, and Fire Burning by Sean Kingston.
- He gets too into the (picture of some kind of fire) My Mixtape Dropped meme and keeps it going after it dies

Sorry if these are stupid or just me projecting but whatevs I want Rich to be happy.

It's On Again
Alicia Keyes ft. Kendrick Lamar
It's On Again

I am a freedom fighter, the name that history wrote

And even through disaster, eye of the tiger for hope

I’m trying to find my way back, there’s no day off for heroes

And even when I’m tired, go is the only word I know

Herizen Guardiola photographed by Billy Ballard for InStyle (September 2016)

I was really nervous because I had never acted before. The only thing that was familiar for me was the singing. I sang Alicia Keyes, Falling. I was sick that day—of all days—but two days later, I got flown to New York for the callback. And a week later, Baz called personally. He said, ‘Hi Herizen, I was just wondering if you want to be a part of The Get Down.’

Rob watching Twigs perform in Paris, 10-14-14. She’s nominated for a Mercury Award and the ceremony takes place in London on October 29th.

Adele is fan who attended her gig in London last week, and Alicia Keyes said she has Twigs on heavy rotation, during a Q&A following The Voice on Monday night.  Twigs has gigs in Brussels, Cologne and Copenhagen this week.