alicia gai


i thought it was impossible to get any gayer than i already am, but then i saw her beautiful face and all sudden i become more and more gayer than i’ve ever thought.

Does Alycia Debnam-Carey have a fandom name? 
I just call them (me included) the gays

Bob and Alicia Zimmermann pulling out that Pan and Bi Pride on the same year that Jack and Bitty come out. And some reporter asks, “are you doing this in support of your son?”

And Bob and Alicia are just like, “we’ve been doing this since forever? Supporting Jack is a nice addendum to our agenda, but the main point of wearing lgbt+ colors is because we’re also Hella Gay?”

“Boy’s gotta get it from somewhere am I right?”

And that just kind of explodes everywhere.
And Jack is just very confused because “they can’t come out if they’ve never been in the closet. They are at times embarrassingly open.”