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01. i wanna be your lover - Prince // 02. strawberry fields forever - The Beatles // 03. groupie love - Lana Del Rey ft A$AP Rocky // 04. heaven knows i’m miserable now - The Smiths // 05. at last - Etta James // 06. baby - Ariel Pink // 07. it’s the falling in love - Michael Jackson // 08. if i ain’t got you - Alicia Keys // 09. dear prudence - The Beatles // 10. no surprises - Radiohead // 11. cool cat - Queen // 12. love is a losing game - Amy Winehouse // 13. tomorrow never came - Lana Del Rey ft Sean Ono Lennon // 14. i’d rather go blind - Etta James // 15. glitter - Tyler, The Creator // 16. we’re almost there - Michael Jackson // 17. love you inside out - Bee Gees

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What if Bob tries his hand out at baking because of Bitty, and when he comes down to visit Bitty and Jack with Alicia at Bitty’s bakery, he’s just rolling up his sleeves and ignoring Bitty’s horrified protests of “No no you’re a guest what are you doing” and going behind the counter like “Shhh son-in-law I can do this I practiced at home a lot ask Alicia.” (Alicia is in the background shaking her head and laughing under her breath like Bob’s baking history didn’t only consist of three mutilated batches of cookies and one lumpy pie).

The regulars who nearly spit out their coffee when they see Bad Bob Zimmermann in an apron, flour in his hair and both his arms laden with trays of mini pies and bread. Jack comes in after practice and goes to the counter, expecting Bitty but not really looking ahead as he says, “Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?” Bob just sticks his head from behind the counter and says, “Pretty good, son. How was yours?” and Jack just chokes on his own tongue as Bitty and Alicia try not to combust with laughter in the back. 

Imagine a Mannequin Challenge holiday video for the Providence Falconers to Mindy Gledhill’s Winter Moon, where the camera starts from the outside of the arena in the parking lot, where you see Snowy and Tater getting their bags out of their car for practice, the two of them juggling several bags of what seems to be breakfast pastries and cups of coffee. The camera pans again and brings the viewers inside the building, where you see Poots mid-stuffing his face with a sandwich. Marty and Thirdy look like they’re arguing over their cereal, with Marty ready to throw his spoon and Guy rolling his eyes from his seat as he peels a banana. The camera pans again to George, who is with some of the PR interns; her hand is stretched out to Tater in warning (the other is holding her coffee), who is currently piggybacking Snowy like he’s the getaway ride, and Snowy is cradling about twenty bags of chips he probably stole from the break room. 

The camera then switches over the inside of the rink; the players are now all in gear. You see Marty leading his son by the hand across the ice, frozen, and Thirdy and his wife watching their daughter, who is posed in a running position. Camera pans to two rookies struggling to pull a plastic sled, which Tater is gleefully sitting in. The scene shows more Falconers and their families and friends, all engaged in various comical poses. Players with their wives or girlfriends as random rookies dangle mistletoe over their heads; Santa hats all over the place, dads pretending to swing their giggling children around. There’s even one where Snowy is smiling shyly at one of the Falcs trainers, who offers him a forkful of what looks to be pie as he leans over the board separating the ice from the rest of the stadium. The camera then zooms in to Tater in the background again, inexplicably holding two whole pies while trying to fend off disgruntled rookies attempting to steal one of the pies from him. Bad Bob and Alicia are even in the video; Alicia’s hand is playfully shoved in Bob’s face as she pretends to push him away to get to the pies Tater is holding, and Bob is making the worst, dramatically distressed expression like, “Why are you doing this to me wife?????” 

The last scene the camera pans to is Jack Zimmermann, sitting on the railings with Eric Bittle, his face turned slightly as he kisses Bitty’s jaw. Bitty’s face is flushed and his eyes are closed in pleasure as he grins, holding a Starbucks drink. Jack has one arm around Bitty’s waist, and the other hand is holding mistletoe over their heads. Their matching rings are both clearly visible in the shot, and the video fades to black, ending with the caption, “Happy holidays, from our family to yours.”


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Nicknames: Peach/Lzz

Gender: A peach

Star sign: Gemini/Taurus cusp (Sagittarius moon, Virgo mars, Ascendant Cancer)

Height: 5′2″

Time: 1:00 am

Birthday: May 23rd

Favorite musical artists: Earth Wind & Fire, A Tribe Called Quest, Copeland, NaS, Lupe Fiasco, Gesu no Kiwami Otome, Tenacious D, Spazzkid, Al Green, Ikue Asazaki, Nujabes, Jurassic 5, Kendrick Lamar, Owl City, Beyoncé, Stuck in the Sound, Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, Bee Gees, City and Colour, Mos Def, Florence + The Machine, Dead Prez, Rihanna, Taku Iwasaki, The Temptations, Lovedrug, Gangstarr, John Legend, Queen, Frank Ocean, in love with a ghost, Tame Impala, Michiru Oushima, Joey Pecoraro, Solange Knowles, Talib Kweli, Yanagi Nagi, Sleeping at Last, & 5 billion more!!!

Song stuck in my head: Juju On That Beat (pls send help)

Last movie I watched: The Thing (1982)

Last show I watched: Hyouka (rewatched for the fourth time…I love…so much)

When did I create my blog: 2 weeks and some change ago (October 2017)

What do I post: My dumb drawings and sometimes me talking

Last thing googled: Goofy x Sasuke fanfiction (Oh no…exposed)

Do you have other blogs: I have a main/personal blog and a regular art blog that I never post anything on

Do you get asks: Yes

Why did you chose your URL: Uh I was out of good ideas and I like memes

Following: 1534 

Followers: 244 (if we counting all 3 blogs together)

Favourite colors: Pastels: peach, pink, turquoise, lilac, yellow, gold, white, cream, beige

Average hours of sleep: it’s either 2 hours or 15 there is no in between

Lucky number: I don’t believe in luck I believe in probability 9 83 389 666 21

Instruments: I can sing. I tried to teach mself the piano and guitar but I had to drop those along with a bunch of other things if I’m ever gonna to make it as an artist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What am I wearing: Purple dress with small pink flowers, maroon socks, and mustard yellow paint-covered sneakers

How many blankets do I sleep with: 3 blankets, 3 pillows

Dream job: Graphic novelist/artist, interpreter/translator, or wildlife rehabilitator.

Dream trip: Everywhere!! I want to see all the natural wonders of the world like Machu Picchu, the Tianzi Mountains, The Great Barrier Reef, Mount Emei, Mount Kilimanjaro, Niagara Falls, Huangshan, The Himalayas, Hokkaido, Hawai’i, Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, The Aurora Borealis, Jerusalem & 5 bajillion more!!! One day imma be rich and travel the fuck I want

Favorite food: This is too hard so I’ll just put Mexican food, Soul food, Japanese food, and anything with chocolate or fruit.

Nationality: Americana

Favorite song right now: by Oushima Michiru

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