alicia alarcón

@prvncesskam  ● a lil post V Day fuckery lols.

❝ Girl, come on. I seen you, watchin his ass. You need to walk over there and just tell him what’s up.. Or I’ma do it for you.❞ ● and with those words, Alicia was off to the races, she smelled another chance to play Cupid and bet your ass she was going to jump on it. She’d seen the way that Kam watched a certain Samoan superman and it was adorable.. Sickeningly adorable, really. ●❝ And there he is, Kam.❞● Alicia smirked and grabbing hold of Kam’s hand, she started to quite literally d r a g her friend towards the muscular Samoan, telling him cheekily,.● ❝ I got ya a little somethin’ somethin’ for late Valentines day, Reigns.❞

❝ What?❞ ● Roman’s head snapped up from his phone, he’d been engrossed in his Twitter feed and he coughed when he found himself almost body to body with Kam, this girl on the roster he’d been sort of noticing as of late. He rubbed his hand over the back of his neck, brown eyes darting from woman to woman as it finally clicked in place. ●❝ Alicia, you buggin’ this girl again?❞● Roman chuckled, flashing Kam a grin and then chuckling, eyes darting around a little bit. The last thing he wanted was to get his ass kicked by her dad.● ❝ So, umm.. Is there a reason Alicia did that?❞


for verabrittain on her name day.

“Dearest, I do deserve it, every word of it and every sting of it… I have been a perfect beast, a conceited, selfish, self-satisfied beast. Just because I can claim to live half my time in a trench (in very slight, temporary and much exaggerated discomfort) and might possibly get hit by something in the process, I have felt myself justified in forgetting everything and everybody except my own Infallible Majesty…” 


“She’s so fierce and so determined and knows precisely, exactly what she wants in a scene. And you have to battle her to get what you want. She’s not ungenerous, she’s very clear. I found that quite exciting to work off. She’s fabulous.” - Kit Harington on working with Alicia Vikander