“Who said ‘please’ that made you hate the word so much?”
Andrew gazed at him in silence for a minute. “I did.”

Neil didn’t know what answer he’d been expecting but this wasn’t it. He felt it like a pop to his chest, sharp and startling. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but what could he possibly say to something like that?

Andrew tolerated his blank stare for only a couple seconds before waving this all off as inconsequential and uninteresting. “He said he would stop if I said it.”

“You believed him,” Neil guessed.

“I was seven,” Andrew said. “I believed him.”


The kids work hard and wanna die.

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(Alice voiced by the babe!)
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(Henry voiced by the bro!)



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Aunti Jilli, Aunti Jilli!! Did you know that Alice Hoffman is releasing an e-book in October that is a prequel to Practical Magic all about Frances and Jet?? THERE'S GOING TO BE A PREQUEL BOOK ABOUT THE AUNTS!!!!!!!!

(cont) The Alice Hoffman book anon. In my excitement I forgot to tell you that the prequel book about the Aunts from practical magic is called ‘The Rules of Magic

I KNOW! I need to remember to pre-order it! 

(But I have to admit, I’m one of those people who slightly prefers the movie of Practical Magic to the novel. But still! PREQUEL BOOK ABOUT THE AUNTS!