Alice Miyeko Odama (July 16, 1913 - April 29, 2012)

OF ANOTHER FASHION wishes to extend our sincere condolences to Cheryl Motoyama and her family on the recent passing of Alice Miyeko Odama. Longtime subscribers of OF ANOTHER FASHION know that Cheryl has generously shared numerous photos and some truly amazing stories of her beautiful family and especially her lovely grandmother.

The picture above is not only one of my favorites of “the Japanese movie star” Alice Odama (nee Ishizaki) but one of my favorites of the entire collection. 

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When I showed my grandmother Alice Ishizaki this photo (ca. 1918), she started laughing really hard because of the giant bow on her head. She’s about 5 years old in this photo. “That is so awful. That’s the worst hair style I ever had. Look at that bow. Horrible!” She’s posing with her parents, my great grandparents. My grandmother, Uno Ishizaki, mostly made her own clothes and likely made the outfit she’s wearing. The photo was taken in Oakland, California.

Submitted by Cheryl Motoyama (Santa Ana, California).