I’m working on a collection of stained glass style round paintings and coffee tables inspired by Disney classics…this is it so far (I’ve also just drawn the designs for a tangled and an Aristocats one ;)) …what do you think of them?

ps: if someone is interested, I paint these on commission and ship everywhere ;)   

Alice:Non ci rivedremo più…
Cappellaio:Ci rivedremo. Nei giardini della memoria, nel palazzo dei sogni…
Alice:Ma i sogni non sono realtà!
Cappellaio:E chi può dire cosa è o non è?
—  Alice attraverso lo specchio

An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #367

December 2015 —Day 23: One of my favorite lines by Lewis Carroll! I have actually already posted this on my IG 2 weeks ago and was intending to publish the original copy (with much better quality) here. But as some of you may know, I just recently lost all my stocked works for the last 10 days. Nevertheless, I’m working on replenishing my works and am in much better spirits. <3

Check out THE ARTIC SOUL for more original artworks.


Alice in Wonderland - Episode 5 - The White Rabbit’s House

From the English Dub of the 1983 Japanese Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Anime. 

Her Growth scenes are always so detailed and accurate in this version, I love it!  I love this Alice’s personality as well!  Once she learns that eating/drinking things in this world can change her size, she stops being scared and timid and actually starts enjoying the changes she experiences.  She also uses her size to her advantage and gets a bit more confident and sometimes destructive, lol.



Alice in Wonderland - Episode 2 - Down the Rabbit Hole

From the English Dub of the 1983 Japanese Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Anime.  My personal second favorite right behind the original Disney movie.

I like how much attention to detail the animators give to Alice in every scene.  Making sure her that every time she grows or shrinks, her body proportions stay accurate.