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Holy shit! The shoes in Today’s outfit, Day 793 post/105984748157 I absolutely love them, could you please tell me about them? Like where they are from and if you have more posts featuring them, I'm a new follower and too tired to stalk through your entire blog right now. Hope you'll have a good week and rock those shoes!

Ah, those are my New Rocks! They’re my favorite pair of boots but unfortunately the style has been discontinued. I got them on Amazon like 5 years ago on clearance for around $150 but full price is over $200. The only place I’ve been able to find that still sells them is here, although they’ve only got one size left since they’re selling out that style. This is the newer version, although I don’t like it nearly as much.
I definitely recommend the brand though (they don’t seem to have one specific online store but if you google “New Rock boots” you’ll find a bunch of sites that sell them)- I tend to wear out most pairs of boots in less than a year and these purple ones have lasted around 5 years before starting to fall apart. I just got them repaired so we’ll see how long that lasts! The only big problem is that the zipper has broken several times due to the way the shoe is shaped and where the stress points are when you walk, but it’s nothing a shoe repair place can’t fix and as I said, the rest of the shoe has held up really well until recently. But yeah, they’re really comfortable and really durable and definitely worth the investment!
Here’s a few more photos for ya-

aliceclementine said: It’s been a while since I read about clowns I think that the white is to make the features more prominent, mouth and eyes. So that even the ones who are far away can see if they’re a happy or a sad clown. The colourful ones are called Auguste.

Hm, didn’t know they had a term, but it kinda makes sense. And yeah and it has similar caricatures as blackface

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Top five favourite blogs

Woo, an ask, you’re one of my little favs anyway ^_^ Also I don’t really know how I’d pick a favourite, so I’m gunna more than one.

  1. Aliceclementine
  2. hoominarystew
  3. kisswithatear
  4. coffeeandgunpowder
  5. unfazedego

Mostly favourite OC blogs

  1. sarahseeandersen
  2. itsajackal
  3. feelafraid
  4. bampowsmash
  5. kateordie

Picking 5/10 seems mean. *Shrug*