30 Day American McGee’s Alice Challenge

Day 8: Least favorite location

Oriental Grove. Even though all chapters are great and have their pros and cons, I found Oriental Grove least enjoyable of all. Its design was beautiful, of course, some things ruined this chapter for me a bit. A lot of Samurai Wasps bugged and became invisible which lead to some frustrating moments. The mini “in painting” game was fun though, much like HMS Gryphon, however it still got overshadowed by Queensland’s Giant Alice stomping madness.


30 Day American McGee’s Alice Challenge

Day 4: Favourite minor characters

Queen of Hearts(a.k.a Wifey) and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Liddell. I’m not sure if Queen of Hearts is considered a minor character, since she’s a main villain in the first game, however she had a little role in the second, so let’s just say she’s a minor character for now. And on that note i have to express my burning passionate and colossal love for her, because askjdsladfj. She is perfect! Cruel, tyrant, yet somewhat broken and dependent. I absolutely love how little she said in the 2nd game, yet it showed so much of her. Her words made some of the most memorable quotes, one of them being my ultimate favorite - “You shouldn’t ask questions you know the answer to - it’s not polite”.
And Lizzie, poor dear Lizzie! I wished the game showed more of her and I also wished she survived somehow. Even though Alice went through a hell in her life, thinking of what awful things Elizabeth experienced makes me shiver. Sexual abuse, rape and then murder, it’s horrible to think of it.

30 Day American McGee’s Alice Challenge

Day 24: Something you wish had been included

Living Blueberry Muffin: Honestly, after seeing the art book of the second game I absolutely loved the idea of this little shit. And since Jack the Ripper was hinted with Jack Splatter, I was kinda ok he wasn’t included. Also the Duchess’ cook seemed like an amazing idea, but overall, the game seemed complete.

Alice 30 Day Challenge

2. Favorite Carroll book

Through the Looking Glass

I actually recently just read it for the first time alongside with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and all I can say is that I enjoyed the story more so than Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Just how it is pretty much a giant game of chess and the story goes on like so.

American McGee’s Alice: 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Weapon: The Teapot Cannon and the Jacks

Teapot Cannon (Madness Returns): For its range and damage count alongside that it is a freaking large cannon in the shape of a bloody teapot.

The Jacks (American McGee’s Alice): A Weapon that is quite strong and able to take out almost any enemy for the most part.

American McGee Alice Challenge

Day 4: Favorite Minor Character

Insane Children Leader

It takes a lot of guts in my opinion to lead a group of children certainly the insane ones against the Dollmaker. She has stood her ground at Fort Resistance until the end…dying an honorable death.


Alice 30 Day Challenge

Day 3: Favorite Character

The Hatter

Now to be honest I never much cared for the Mad Hatter. In the animated Disney version I mostly enjoyed the Cheshire Cat’s character. Not concerned the least about some older male who was tea crazy. Even the Tim Burton movie I thought that they needed another person to be the Mad Hatter. Just having Johnny play the part because the Hatter is always suppose to be one of the popular ones.

But those feelings of not caring for the Hatter would change once I played American McGee’s Alice. The Hatter was a trans human 12 foot tall psychopath of sorts. Sure he isn’t a fresh Hatter but he is one of those misunderstood characters that you can’t help but love. Also the fact that he wasn’t all bubbly with his guests made him even more interesting. The man did a vivisection on the March Hare and Dormouse. For goodness sakes.

From there I recalled a show from my past called Adventures in Wonderland and John Hoffman’s Hatter is so adorable. He isn’t your common English men but a more modern day Hatter.

Finally I myself am a Hattress always wearing a Hat at all occasions.

American McGee 30 Day Challenge

Day 6: Character that you can relate to

I am serious when I say that I can relate to the Hatter the most. Though I dislike tea, I do have a fascination with tinkering and creating things. I have only a few close friends that I spend my time with overall both as insane as myself. Also I am taller then them both too. I wear hats all the time. When they banned hats from work I was sadden and felt nude and that is the honest truth.

I babble a lot as you can see above and can be stubborn. I even butcher my words now and then. Steam-punk and Clockwork are styles that I love and inspire me.

Finally when Alice’s parents died in the House Fire and the Hatter grew ill and sick with Madness I grew ill in the 7th grade with an eating disorder known as Anorexia  that I still live with today. So the damage is always there:

“Forgetting is just Forgetting except when it’s not.” 

American McGee Challenge

Day 3: Least Favorite Character


He doesn’t have much of a role besides murdering…erm eating the cast of the Carpenters play. He just sits there on stage sleeping and eating while Wonderland is being destroyed. He gives no advice to Alice or even shows concern for the state of Wonderland….sheesh.

Day 2: Favorite Character

Well isn’t it obvious none other then the Hatter of course. I can relate to him so well better then Alice for that matter. He is a misunderstood genius who is just confused with the state of Wonderland. He is always full of random babbling and such which is certainly me. Plus we both love Head wear. So he has style and a crazy personality.

Typical me…

EDIT: Also I have my clique of two close friends who share lots of common interests with me. Lots of inside jokes and such. I would never hurt them in such a way the Hatter hurts his guests though…I am a little more sane there.