W̴H̕҉A̢̛͢͟͠T̀͢͠͞͠ ҉̀À͡͠ ̕͡G̶̨͘͝Ứ̧͢͡Y̶̢̕͟͜!̴̢͜͠

Confession time: Despite my love for jerkass characters, I didn’t care much for Bill Cipher at first. That is, until I saw aliceapproved‘s awesome, full of personality human rendition of him! Now I’m fully converted to triangle hell.

Static version:


I’ve been working on this super fun project on and off for a while now. Animated my human design of Bill Cipher!

Best viewed full screen in HD, but every computer’s different. Also, GIF version:


Cipher Sunday

A collection of Bill Cipher humanizations I did today and previous nights. Click for better view!

Dresses inspired by whethervane

Kid Bill design by liamniisan

Copy Fairy reference please watch