Goat Dad

When the Underground fell into despair, having lost their children and the Queen leaving, I imagine Asgore roaring like the Beast. So I sketched a screencap redraw of that moment.

But then I imagine how happy he must be to be a dad again on the Surface for Frisk. Cuteness ensued at the family picnic.


28 chips and one dip~

This only started as a joke and it was meant to be one Bill…BUT WHATEVER!I DID THIS INSTEAD!
These Bills are literally amazing and unique!I had to draw some of them!
Drawing these Bills during my streams was an awesome time ‘cause they have the chance to see me start and complete a huge artwork like this one!

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Frisk Universe

This goes to the tune of the Steven Universe Extended Theme - We Are the Crystal Gems.

My favorite crossover for this game. Click pics for bigger versions.

Peace and Love (in the Underground)
Peace and Love (in the Underground)

@ocdrainbows sorry I’m steven universe trash
Lovely art from @aliceapprovesart ‘s frisk universe au!
The only things I own are the lyrics I made and my voice.

Ah gosh, I’m still getting over the new Steven Bomb. I really love the new songs this time around, so I thought I’d try making another Steven U parody!

Couldn’t really make other voices cause they’re not in my range, but imagine just that it’s them who’s singing ; v ; .

lyrics and chords under the cut!

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TREAT YO SELF to Undertale

Even though Mettaton would more likely be Tom Haverford, Toriel and Sans hanging out makes me happy and I decided to TREAT. MYSELF.

Dialogue and scenario from the Parks and Rec ep: “Pawnee Rangers”


Father/Daughter Friendship

Please click pics for bigger versions and captions.

I love the father/daughter friendship between Undyne and Asgore. It’s so sweet!

How hotheaded of a kid was she, though? I went with Amethyst-level rage from On the Run, because I adore that scene so much and wanted to draw them in Pearl and Amethyst poses. Plus, hugs. Always room for hugs!


Frisk Universe - Sketch Dump

Bunch of UT/SU crossover doodles from my art twitter. Click pics for captions.

Last pic is a reference to this SU music video.

Frisk Universe Extended Theme post


Jyushi + Smile Dip

Last night’s cool down doodles: screencap redraws but puts Jyushimatsu on Smile Dip.

Honestly, I think he can handle any amount of sugar, but that scene always makes me laugh.


Sweet Soriel

Click pics for bigger versions/easier reading time.

This was the biggest excuse to draw Papyrus being great, in a sweater holding a small child, bunch of Sans expressions, goat mom and skeleton kisses. Ever. Also, based on conversations I had with @friendlytroll​.



I’ve been working on this super fun project on and off for a while now. Animated my human design of Bill Cipher!

Best viewed full screen in HD, but every computer’s different. Also, GIF version:

Second animation