Had a wonderful afternoon tea with itsvanillabear, who I haven’t seen for so long! We both dressed in classic lolita for the occasion.

Outfit Rundown:
-OP, jabot: Innocent World
-Parasol: Alice and the Pirates
-Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
-Shoes: Bodyline
-Hat: handmade

One dress from Bodyline that I totally don’t regret buying. The fabric and boning don’t feel cheap at all! Dress: Bodyline P193 Dolce Diamond Rose Print, Blouse: Boguta, Underskirt: Little Dipper, Hat: BtSSB, Cameo Brooch: vintage, Bag: AttP #bodyline #eglcommunity #gothiclolita #kawaiilife #lolitacoordinate #lolitafashion #btsbb #attp #aliceandthepirates #babythestarsshinebright #vintage

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Outfit for Btssb’s 8th Tea Party in Paris

This dress was inspired by La Dame aux camélias from Dumas Fils, the book that first inspired me to get into lolita fashion. I wanted something quite simple and sober with flowers and pearls as I always pictured the heroine Marguerite Gautier.

Dress: Aatp
Headdress: Triple Fortune
Pearls: Vintage
Corsage: Moss Marchen 
Shoes: Victorian Maiden 
(Last two borrowed from Thosehappyyesteryears)

Pictures taken by Thosehappyyesteryears