Open Starter || Open to Anyone || Muse: Alice

Alice ran, fast as her legs could carry her, and faster still. Something was after her, and she wasn’t sure what, but a sense of doom had been building for so long.

It was close now. 

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Alice Cullen can be summed up in three words: ballet dancer, student, and psychic. Despite the jokes about her being a fake psychic, she always offers scary accurate readings of people’s futures and can anticipate anyone’s actions.

Could Be Yours

Closed Starter || @the-foster-men || Alpha/Omega AU || Muse: Alice

Alice could hardly stand it. She walked quickly, hoping she wouldn’t run into any alphas on her way home. They could smell her, certainly. Her heat. It was just beginning, and she hadn’t any suppressants left. Anyone could smell her and know, and as a young omega, she made an easy target for any lustful Alpha.