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Mirana was sat upon a toadstool which had been so kind as to allow her a seat to rest in the afternoon sun, and she shaded her eyes from the heat with one hand as the other drifted in the air beside her, fingers twitching and dancing as was her usual habit. It was not a well-known fact that the White Queen liked to venture outside of the palace at Marmoreal by herself since most of her people believed her to be such a gentle, delicate little thing that she would never survive two minutes on her own. Quite the contrary… 

It was as she was about to dust herself down and be on her way back to the palace for the rest of the afternoon when she spotted a shimmering sort of mirror suspended in mid air not twenty feet away from her. She stood, examining it curiously for a while until she jumped back in slight shock when suddenly a figure fell through apparently from the other side of the mirror and landed on a bed of flowers. “How curious…” she murmured softly as she carefully moved forward to lend this poor creature a hand.

Stranger in Wonderland | Open

Alice had been spending some time at the Dollhouse with the insane children. They were still trying to recover from the attack by the Dollmaker, slowly but surely. The boys from the Skool even came by to help and give the girls company. It was very overwhelming to be in a room with all the insane children. With the yowling, screeching and animal noises. The constant twitching reminded Alice of the Asylum and it’s patients.

One of the girls handed Alice a piece of cake before gigglig manically and running away. Alice was in the process of picking out dead cockroaches when the Cheshire Cat appeared on a giant block. “We have a slight problem.” He stared at her, his tale whipping side to side. Alice rolled her eyes and stood up from her spot on the floor. “There is always a problem. What is it now? Is the Duchess eating people again?” The cat chuckled darkly, shaking his head. “If only it were that easy. We have an intruder. A stranger in Wonderland. From the real world.” That made Alice freeze. “What are you talking about, Cat? How could a person from reality get here?” Her green eyes bore into his yellow ones. “Wonderland is connected to reality more than you realize, Alice.” With that, he vanished.

“Very well then. Children, stay here and lock the door behind me.” Alice went through the door and with the cat guiding her in her head, she made her way to the intruder. She found herself in Tundraful. Her boots crunched in the snow as she looked around with narrowed eyes. That’s when she spotted them. “You there!” Alice called out, putting as much authority in her voice as she could muster. “Who are you and how did you get here?”

Something This Way Comes || Alice & Hatter

Following the small dirt road from his home, Hatter was trying to take precautions not to forget his way back, knowing that at some point he’d find himself distracted with something along the way, even if he tried to convince himself otherwise. Muttering to himself every so often, having been carrying a bag over his shoulder that contained old tea cups and saucers that Thackery had broken and busted to useless pieces, a few things start to catch his eye and he mostly ignores them, keeping his eyes down to the dirt road in front of him, watching his shoes come into sight, one after another as he walked. Lifting a hand to gently scratch the side of his face, he halted. Something caught his attention. Not a sight, but a sound.

Holding the bag tighter over his shoulder he pursed his lips, his eyebrows knitting together slowly as his eyes shifted around the wooded area. He had heard something, and that something sounded like it was on two legs, so what could it have been? Most things that run through here only pitter and patter, with four legs. Having not heard the sound for a short minute, he was about to begin walking again, until he heard another sound. A snap. Turning his head to where the sound was coming from, he narrowed his eyes to the small patch of trees. If it were a bandit or anything, they’d be daft to take the bag he’d had over his shoulder. “If someone’s there, I’ve nothing good for you, what’s in this bag is hardly usable." 

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“Believe it or not, I don’t have many friends. At least not in the real world. People and I don’t really…get along. Usually they’re disappointing.” Alice didn’t like to group herself with others. Normal people couldn’t be trusted.

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“Your magic,
                              White Rabbit,
                                                             has left its writing on the wall.”

“I see you’ve found my little… hobby,” Albus cooed with a small, almost sadistic smirk came to his lips. “I’d say it’s not what it looks like, but… I’m a lot of things and a liar isn’t one of them.”

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Another visitor? It really had been a while since the last one had dropped by in the mansion. Seeing a new face was always delightful…to some extent. Though, the butler was always curious as to who it may be, just what kind of poor soul had found its way here? Would they be intent on staying or rather try to get out of this hell hole?

Well, he can’t keep the new guest waiting, can he? Honestly, talking to someone new was better than sweeping up after the girls here. It could really help past the time, give him an excuse not to cleaning.

“My, my, what brings you to this dreaded Wonderland manor, hm?” He asked. “Do tell me how someone like you managed to find your way here. Follow some rabbit, perhaps?”

♠ I'm late, I'm late, For a very important date! No time to say「Hello, Goodbye」. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late. ♠

♣  It’s been ten years since the so-called incidents that happened to have occurred on Hope’s Peak Academy’s own grounds. Recently, the school has been rebuilt by one of its former students, in hopes of redeclaring the title as the most promising, auspicious school in the world. However, as you’ve received your very own invitation to the prestigious academy, it turns out your high school experience is bound to take a rather, demented turn, as one would have it…

♣ You awake to the sweet, cozy scent of brewing tea and baked goods, as your eyelids slowly flutter open, your gaze met with an unusual sight. A rather tall man, fashioned in what seems too be a travesty upon the fashion world, or what one would call a suit, dawned in an equally atrocious top hat grins at you. His eyes trail from you, to the cup in his hands, as he briefly blows and takes a quick sip, hands daintily gripping the teacup. Lined up before you is an assortment of goods you’d find at only the most high-end, and infuriatingly expensive restaurants, the dishes containing meats and desserts you didn’t know existed in this world. Before you have the chance to make a conscious decision to grab a plate, you once again turn your attention towards the strange person before you, the man flashing you a grin as he speaks. 

「Would you care for some tea?」

♞  Kyuupiikei, shortened as KPK, is a closed Tumblr and submission-based roleplay. A crossover between Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and the video game series Dangan Ronpa, it features similar game mechanics as you would find in any other DR Tumblr group, a long with added in features. Ranging from an entirely new, explorable environment, to new characters that’ll play an important role in the story.

APPLICATIONS open soon! Make sure to track the #dr:kpk tag for any info, or any announcements!


David sat, curled at the bottom of the tree, his hat in his hands. He was sure the hunters were coming, that they would be here soon, but he didn’t bother moving. It was a moment of peace before the rampage, and he wasn’t ready to give that up.

He lifted his head when he heard a branch snap, staring grimly at the intruder. “Come to join the dying, or come to tell the hunters where the dying may lie?” he asked softly. 

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In Time of Need

Starter for @whohasthetime

It was unusual for Mirana to venture outside of the palace at Marmoreal without someone to escort her, and that’s why it was so easy for her to visit Time. She needn’t even leave the palace! Having opened up the grandfather clock in the middle of the special room reserved just for said clock, she flicked her fingers at her sides as she climbed through. There it was…. Time’s castle, his home. Hurrying onwards, she did not look back once as the door closed behind her and she began to hear the gigantic hands of the clock surrounding the castle tick-tocking. She didn’t have trouble navigating the hands of the clock to get into the castle as they appeared to stop and make a path for her to easily get to the doors. Gracefully she walked across the minute hand, one hand lifting her dress and the other in the air at her side, fingers dancing as she approached the castle. When she got there she smiled to herself, giving a soft, gentle knock on the door which she knew would announce her arrival to Time no matter where he was in the castle.


You tell yourself you don’t remember the burning. You tell yourself it’s easier to forget, easier to focus on the coming changes, on the colors of this bright and vibrant world. You tell yourself this, as you watch the rotting pinwheels, as you dream of swords and whispered words that topple the blood-stained queen.

You tell yourself you don’t remember the way you felt when you understood you had become the last of your kind.

It’s easier that way, to be a thing of pins and ribbons – it makes everyone happy, and if you can make them happy, maybe you’ll become happy, too.

WHAT’S THIS? WHAT’S THIS? As I’ve seen over the last few days, the Tim Burton fandom has started to come back in a big way. There’s a small list beneath of all the blogs I’ve encountered so far on my way back after only one day! If you’d like to be on this list, please add yourself. DON’T ADD INACTIVE BLOGS OR CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT BASED ON TIM BURTON MOVIES but by all means if you’d like to bring your blog back or make one and join in on the Burton fun then do so! Multi-muse blogs with more than their Burton muses are also welcome. Feel free to reblog this if you aren’t a Tim Burton blog to raise awareness - who knows, your RP friends could have an old blog hanging around somewhere!

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I hit 300 followers

I NEVER once thought that I’d reach that many followers. I’m honestly shocked that myself roleplaying The Knave of Hearts, such a minor character reached that many followers on my blog. 

I’ve been roleplaying Ilosovic Stayne since 2010. 

I started off on another blog with a slightly different URL from the one I have now and was on that for a good two years. In 2012 I decided to delete my roleplay blog due to some personal issues and wanting to escape from social media for a bit. Well that only lasted about two months. I couldn’t be away from roleplaying my favorite character in this franchise. Back then my Stayne wasn’t that well known. I probably only had a handful of 20 followers at the time. 

It was until recently, once 2014 hit I started getting more followers and people started to want to actually RP with me more. 

I’ve dedicated the last 6 years, since 2010 to roleplaying Ilosovic Stayne, The Knave of Hearts. I’ve put so much time and thought into creating a backstory for a character that this fandom basically knew nothing about. Not saying my backstories and head canons are canon, everyone has their own opinion of the Knave. And even though the new big shot of the fandom is Time…I’m still going to keep my muse for Stayne. He will not be forgotten!!

Now over the coarse of 6 years, I’ve had role-players come and go…but over that time I’ve got to connect with some rather amazing Rolplayers in this fandom. 



@mxrmoreal FIRST OFF THANK YOU….Thank you for letting me role-play probably my favorite ship with Stayne. I honestly don’t even recall when I started roleplaying with you, it’s been a few years I think? But thank you for letting me role-play with you and for making me feel like an important part to this fandom. I’ve built most of Stayne’s backstory around the fact that there was a secret romance between him and Mirana when they were younger, and you so far has been the only Mirana that’s let me actually roleplay and build off that. So I thank you for letting me role-play this ship with you. <3 


@caught-in-the-wrong So I’ve known you for almost 3 years I think?Roleplaying with you on a different platform as a different character verse but in the same fandom. I finally got you to role-play on tumblr!! I don’t know what I’d do without this girl, she’s one of my best friends and an amazing roleplayer. She’s just getting started on here as Alice so PLEASE give her a chance, drop her a starter. 


@wonderlandpromise, @irasciblempresse, Though I’ve only been roleplaying with you both for a very short time, I’ve greatly enjoyed our role-plays and plots. I’ve built a lot more for Stayne thanks to both of you. I can’t wait to continue and plot more with the both of you. 


@thecaptainalice, @vowsandwishfulthinking, @sirtarranthightop, @whohasthetime, @madhattertarranthightopp, @kingslcigh, @aprincessofwhite,  @ofcrimsandhearts, @ofticksandtocks. Even though we either barley role-played or haven’t at all…I would love to get to know each of you better and plot.  You guys are insanely creative and I love reading your RP’s through my dash. So thank you for being so amazing!