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Alice Liddell | 16 | Hannah Murray | Schizophrenia | Alice in Wonderland

Alice lived in a world of her own, surrounded by beings that only her imagination knew of. Her parents prided on her imagination, often laughing about their youngest daughters weird adventures in this Underland she had made up. However, when this place seemed to stick around as she got older they started to worry. Alice would spent most of her time locked away in her room, chattering away to people no one could see called Atta and Air, they were her friends, they had tea parties, unbirthdays, and according to the odd girl they played croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs. She got in trouble at school for not paying attention to lessons, daydreaming and demanding she be let go because they needed her in Underland.

By the time she was 16, they couldn’t even get her to go to class. She lived in the world, developed weird habits when they made her socialize that often led to her having fits about needing to leave immediately. Her parents finally got her help, taking her to a psychologist who diagnosed the girl with Schizophrenia, her delusions and hallucinations fitting the diagnosis. Fearing that she may never get better without the proper care, they put her in The Clubhouse, hoping a less sterile environment would help their beloved daughter get better.

Alice is friendly in The Clubhouse, she has many friends and will tell you exactly how Atta and Air act, even trying to explain Underland to you. She’s quirky and a bit spacy, but harmless for the most part, completely oblivious that she has a problem at all.


Bravery and I are not on intimate terms – my natural curiosity is tempered with caution, thus I’ve lived long. But now, ignoring my instinct to flee or fib, I speak the truth without regard to consequence; your courage deserves no less. You’ve suffered great pain and you’ve caused some. You’ve endured deep grief and feelings of guilt, but you will be tested by a more wrenching anguish, Alice. There is worse to come. // independent & private Cheshire Cat of Alice: Madness Returns.

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in    a    world    of    my    own    -    everything    would    be    nonsense

nothing    would    be    what    it    is    because    everything    would    be    what    it    isn’t    

and    contrary    -    wise    ;    what    it    is    it    wouldn’t    be    ,    and    what    it    wouldn’t    be    ,    it    would

you    see    ?

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