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 ↳ The Mad Hatter

Known as the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, Maddox was always an odd fellow. Constantly having tea parties and ‘unbirthdays.' 

He was never your average joe. He always had a taste for the different things in life, things most would consider odd. It wasn’t anything gruesome or too weird, just different compared to everyone else’s tastes. As he grew up he was never one to fit in and he didn’t mind. He actually had a few childhood friends who were just like him.

Throughout his life, he would always put others before himself. It was just in his nature to be like that. Because of this, it would often mess some things up in his life like making him late for school and work. He was far from a failure though, he’s smart and has plans for his future. Even if he drank a bit more than most through his school career.

After attending college he opened up his very own bar, Hattrix. Maddox was proud of himself for his small success as it later grew into something more. It’s probably the only thing he’s proud of in his life.

Jack, his favorite and best bartender, is a close friend to him. The two met when Jack was constantly sneaking into the bar, and when the young boy turned twenty-one, Maddox gave him a job.


Alice Darling sigh softly as she walked through the streets of Storybrook. Now that the curse was broken, there were people that she wanted to find, but it seemed like luck was not on her side, it was beginning to get dark and she still hadn’t found who she was looking for, though she did see someone off to the distance. “Exuse me!” She called out.


This list encompasses all of the Alice in Wonderland fandom. Thus, you may see characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, Alice in Wonderland movies, American McGee’s Alice, Once Upon a Time tv series, Alice in Wonderland-based OCs, and more.

Will be updated when more are found. If you have any you want to add to this list, please message me. Any blog inactive for 6 months will be taken off.

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Jack Norwood » Twenty-three » Bartender at Hattrix Bar » Andy Biersack » Taken

Jack was an alright kid throughout middle school. He didn’t really act out, nor did he look for trouble. He had plenty of friends and never once did he treat them badly. Jack was an all around caring person, always helping out after school and making sure everyone was happy. But then came eighth grade graduation, and the summer after.

He changed entirely. Not just in appearance, but in personality. He became cold, uncaring, angry. All the friends he made through middle school avoided him like the plague, causing him to become closed off and reserved. He didn’t want anything to do with his former friends. To be honest, they were nothing to him, they were mainly useless. Jack only goes to his old friends when he needs them to do his dirty work.

Jack moved to California at age eighteen, looking for a new scene, new people to humiliate. He managed to sneak into a local bar with a fake I.D until the owner caught him. Maddox didn’t kick him out, though. He told Jack that when he turned twenty-one, he had a job as a bartender. 

Jack and Maddox are awful close, and some would say too close. Some would say the same thing about Archer and Jack, but Jack disregards the rumors. Let people talk, let them think what they want. There’s nothing wrong with a few dozen rumors going around the city, right?

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┍ W A N T E D - C H A R A C T E R

Character: Alice Liddell - OC

Series: Once Upon a Time 

Faceclaim: Amanda Seyfried

Age: Most current verse; 24 years old.

Personality: A rather interesting girl. Often she finds herself lost in her thoughts; lost in her own mind, in stories she creates for the most mundane of things. She’s always been a little mad– always a worry to her parents; constantly kept under the supervision of varying psychiatrists and therapists. She was often ignored as a little girl, no one cared much for her stories, and the town’s children were told not to go near her. So she often felt very lonely, which only made her storytelling habits worse. She is often found in a sort of dream-like state; entranced by simple things, or uncaring entirely of what’s going on around her.
She is, as well, very immature– having never quite had any reason to grow up, she’s yet to lose her most childish personality quirks. She’s easily excitable; though prone to excessive tears, and very dramatic in  the way she acts. Though it’s very rare she gets truely mad– as she’s not a cruel person, but blunt in the way children are, with a lack of manners or social skills. She’s very curious and often that can lead her to be insulting, though inadvertently– or, as it has, it can lead her straight to trouble. She’s naive and rather needy with people she’s close to; often requiring the attention she was deprived of in her childhood. She is, as much as she can be, though, a very sweet girl– and her interests include rabbits and the varying types of tea– (What a goal she has, to one day try every kind!) and her hobbies include sewing and knitting her own outfits; a hobby she soon learned to master under circumstances. She’s rather fond of cooking, as well, and has taken an interest in chess. (Though, she’s completely horrible at it, and seems to refuse to understand the correct rules, preferring to make up her own little stories.

Brief Backstory (additional parts may be added at will); She first visited wonderland at the age of ten (though it was created nearly six years before her actual arrival). A world, of course, created wholly of her imagination. So in this world, everything was meant to be just right. But as it was; it was confusing– nothing made sense, and it wasn’t the haven she’d assumed it to be, but it was far better than anything she could have had back home on earth. The taint, the confusion to Wonderland seemed brought upon wholly by the Red Queen– who, of course, posed no threat to Alice at first, as she had yet to stumble into the castle. Instead, it seemed, she stumbled upon a tea party.
A visit, of course– Hatter was specific in his visits to Wonderland since its creation (With its many plants and objects that sold for high prices), and had seemed to amuse himself, each time he came, with sitting down with that rabid hare for a tea party.
Except, this time, a little girl had stumbled upon them.
Now Alice, of course, was utterly enamored by this man. They sat and he spoke with her for over an hour; on his travels, on other worlds, to all the places he’d been– and he’d completely caught her attention, her terrible wander-lust. Soon after, sadly, he’d left– him and that magic hat, a quick ruffle to Alice’s hair before he’d been swallowed (Can you believe it!) by his hat and an odd, purple tornado. Afterwards, Alice had stumbled through Wonderland– nearly beheaded! and met many a friend along the way (Lepori, a white rabbit, included– as well as her dormouse and a grinning cat that had seemed to try many times during their tea party to steal Hatter’s hat,) and even made an enemy of sorts, the same woman who tried to behead her for trespassing, the red queen. But, thankfully, she’d made it out of Wonderland before her imposing doom, though she must admit she missed all the wonders of it, that she hadn’t explored more. And for years– for years since, she spook, captivated by this wonderland– and captivated still by that mad man and his hat; a man who had slowly turned into something of an ideal for her, during her youth. He was an escape to her; someone to let her mind wander and drift towards when her studies failed her and the world bored her. All of his enticing worlds– of which, she couldn’t remember how many were his stories and how many she had made up, but she cared little. And as she grew older, he became a romantic focus, as well– and for, none of the boys in her village suited her, seeing as they simply weren’t him. And of course, she was prescribed doctors for this obsession with Wonderland and her hatter; and she was constantly torn– pained, told the one world she’d found happiness in was not real, and sought desperately to keep her faith that one day, one day she would find it again. That she could move past this world that ignored her and she ignored still; and she had. For that little white rabbit had found its way into her yard once more, her sixteenth birthday, even! And she hadn’t hesitated to chase after it, to tumble down an all too familiar hole with a delighted squeal.
She was going home.
And so, back in wonderland she had found her Hater once more– and as it tended to be, this was something of a Disney romance. Love at first sight– adored by each other, exactly what the other needed. For Hatter needed someone to need him; to feel like he wasn’t useless, little more than a thief– and Alice, Alice needed to feel wanted, after spending so long in her (though self-fabricated) isolation. And this man was perfect, wasn’t he? For the way he looked at her, she could swear she held his world in her delicate little hands. He paid her the utmost of attention, and she was any and everything to him. And in turn, she gave him the love and devotion he required– and everything was perfect, for a while. His visits to her became more and more frequent back in her home world; passing lust-filled nights where he would whisk away for months at a time afterwards, to deciding one day he would take her home with him (After enough persuasion on her end, of course, a fitful cry that he can’t leave her again– she couldn’t take it, couldn’t take not knowing when he’d return, she’d had enough of this!)– leaving, in her place, some old man he’d found upon the streets back in his own land. He stole her, in a sense– and when he did, he never sought to return her, and she never sought to return. A fairy tale romance, if you will.
They traveled worlds together; both addicted to the thrill of the chase, exhilarated by every near-death scenario they found themselves in. Stupid, young and in love– though they did manage to settle down when Alice found herself pregnant. A family, in time they became a family– living in a simple cottage in the woods; for Hatter had enough enemies, and he would have been found too easily in some lavish home– and, as Alice stated, they had each other, and they had their little Grace, they needn’t anything more.
And they traveled with Grace, though less dangerously– these trips were more visits, family outings– that had, at some point, gone sour.
A trip to Wonderland; they’d been caught. Which wasn’t uncommon with them, but this time, it seemed as though something had been planned. For they tried to escape, but– a man ran ahead of them. A card soldier, perhaps? Neither knew, but one thing was certain. There was three spots, but then there were two. Now a decision had to be made, then– whether Alice or Jefferson was to go through with Grace; and Alice could have sworn she’d hardly had time to blink before it seemed her husband chose to go through with Grace, before consulting her. Not that she was upset– of course not, she’d rather be here than leave him here, she knew of the Queen’s grudge against him. (And against her, as well— but, ah, love was blind.) And so, left behind, now– left to rot in a dungeon in wonderland– that is, of course, until the curse broke out.

Recent Verse; (Alice’s occupation in Storybrooke is left to the whims of the writer)

Roleplaying; I’d really appreciate a fairly active partner, of course, but I’m quite all right if that just can’t be the case.
I’m also, ah, fully aware her backstory seems to revolve around Hatter more than it should– I only focus on that as it pertains to my own character; but it doesn’t mean you can’t add in key points to her life or her life in Wonderland! In fact, I’d much adore if your own headcanons or ideas were added to this. But ah, yes. I’m seeking an independent Alice RPer for my Hatter; to write and roleplay with. Preferably not adverse to smut, either, and preferably with decent English spelling and grammar skills. (Ou français?)

I seem to have very set ideas in how I want an Alice portrayed, which led me to make this post– and I hope I can find someone with an Alice like this / willing to make one, because I promise I’ll make it worth your while! c: Or try to, at least, heh.

So yeah, um! Please contact me on her ( , if you want to make Alice– have made Alice/have any questions? Or you’re free to add me on skype to discuss this, too; [ poutinefyallthethings ]

Thank you! :)



This list encompasses all of the Alice in Wonderland fandom. Thus, you may see characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, Alice in Wonderland movies, American McGee’s Alice, Once Upon a Time tv series, Alice in Wonderland-based OCs, and more.

Will be updated when more are found. If you have any you want to add to this list, please message me. Any blog inactive for 6 months will be taken off.

Last updated: 13 February 2015

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