Columbia made Facelift a top priority, hoping to prove the company wasn’t merely a stable for fresh-scrubbed pop acts. Months before the official album release, Columbia sent selected retailers free Alice EPs, We Die Young, which they could sell for pure profit. The expensive campaign didn’t stop there – when the album went nowhere slowly, Lenner decided to attach 40,000 free concert videos to copies of Facelift. They were snatched up within weeks. An MTV-hyped clip for “Man in the Box,” with its macabre image of a monk with his eyelids sewn shut, helped push the single into the Top Twenty.

Perhaps the label’s most valuable contribution was providing the group with a touring bus. During 1990 and 1991, Alice opened for everyone from Iggy Pop and Van Halen to Extreme and Poison, as well as slogging through a bottom-billed slot on the infamous Clash of the Titans package with Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth. 

"That tour was a real challenge, because we’re not a speed-metal band," says Kinney. "During our set the entire crowd would chant, ‘Slayer, Slayer, Slayer.’ But we figured, hey, if we could play for a Slayer crowd and not get killed, we had it made."

All the hard work eventually paid off – in September 1991, thirteen months after Facelift was released, the album was certified gold for selling a half-million copies, making Alice the most successful new Seattle band – until Nirvana exploded. Ironically, when the full-scale media blitz hit western Washington earlier that year (1992), Alice in Chains was virtually lost in the shuffle. “Once it got really big with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, there wasn’t much mentioned about us,” says Staley. “All those bands put out records around the same time, and we hadn’t put one out in two years. I don’t think it hurt us, though. I’m glad we didn’t get lumped together with them, because we’re not those other bands.”



Stories album by album of Alice in Chains

The Devil Put Dinoaurs Here (2013)

It was released on May 28, 2013. It is the band’s second reunion album. Following a worldwide tour in support of its previous album, Black Gives Way to Blue (2009), Alice in Chains began work on a new album. The making of The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here lasted for more than a year and the release of the album was delayed numerous times. The band entered the studio in July 2011 to start work on their fifth album. During the writing and recording sessions, guitarist Jerry Cantrell underwent shoulder surgery, which resulted in the delay of the album. The recording sessions of The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here were completed in December 2012.

Peaking at number two on the Billboard 200, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here was well received by music critics and “Hollow”, “Stone” and “Voices” were released as singles to promote the album. In April 2013, the band released music videos for the songs “Hollow”, and “Stone”, and in September 2013, music videos for “Voices” and the title track were released on YouTube to further promote the album. The album also reached the top ten in the national albums charts of Australia, Finland and Norway.

About music and lyrics

Jerry Cantrell stated in an interview with Rolling Stone, “We made a unique record that’s completely different from anything we ever did. It encapsulates a period of time, like all records do. You see growth and that the band is moving ahead in new territory that we haven’t been to before, but we haven’t lost our identity.”

Cantrell also stated “There’s some real filth in there. That’s intentional, and that’s also just how we sound together. We’re trying to make a record that we dig and we’re trying to keep the bar high for ourselves and see if we can get past it, and I think that we did again. And of course you want people to dig it too and to respond to it, and to have that start happening is satisfying.”

For the lyrics, Jerry Cantrell stated: “The devil put dinosaurs here / Jesus don’t like a queer / No problem with faith / Just fear,” which appear in the title track. “What’s the old joke?” Cantrell said. “There are two things you never want to get into a conversation or argument about: politics and religion. But fuck, I guess we’re going to be talking about this for awhile.”

On the making the album, Cantrell said to Revolver magazine: “I don’t think you’ll be surprised by anything you hear. … It’s us. But it’s also really unique. It’s got all the elements of any record we’ve put out, but it’s unlike any record we’ve put out. Basically, it’s the next chapter in the Alice in Chains book, and it’s going to be a big one.” Cantrell also said to Guitar World: “In my opinion, Black Gives Way to Blue stood up to anything else we’ve put out in our career. Hopefully, the new album will connect with people in the same way.”


What Layne had to say in his music really kinda helped me through some really rough times in my life. And he was always a huge vocal inspiration because he was such an amazing singer and he was so talented.
He’d walk into the studio and all those harmonies would be in his head already.
He was a genius at what he did.
When he passed away, there was nothing done in memory of him or in tribute to him at all. It was kinda like everybody expected it because he had been a heroin user for so long, which I think for him was just an escape.

Aaron Lewis


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