Alice Gao is New York-based lifestyle and food photographer. She is a serious coffee drinker and mid-century design fanatic. She dreams of one day living in a Tribeca loft with giant windows.”

We asked Alice to take Everlane on her daily travels and capture it for Instagram. We have to say, she’s inspiring us to pack our bags and hit the road. 

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epic quest the search for the best fried chicken + waffles

I forget where I had my first fried chicken & waffles, but the experience stuck with me. Few dishes take your taste buds to such opposite extremes: Salty fried skin and juicy meat paired with a buttery, sweet breakfast dish. That is, when it’s made correctly.

It’s a common misconception that chicken and waffles originated in the South, Sweet Chick co-owner John Seymour tells me. In fact, he says, the combination of fried chicken and waffles started in Harlem when jazz musicians would find themselves hungry after their gig ended in the early morning. So they ordered fried chicken on waffles as a way to sate their cravings for a post-work meal – and breakfast.

At Sweet Chick, the signature dish is offered alongside variations that change frequently. Recent specials that have made their way to the blackboard include General Tso’s Chicken & Waffles made with rice flour and broccoli, and cheddar waffles and bacon. Their rendition of mac & cheese is made with fontina, gruyere and aged white cheddar and is large enough to share between friends. For dessert, get the “Cookie Jar” and classic cheesecake.

Calorie-wise, Sweet Chick is not somewhere I can justify going to weekly. Still, I get that craving for perfectly seasoned fried chicken and breakfast waffles often enough to know I’m lucky to live within walking distance of it.

Sweet Chick 164 bedford ave, brooklyn. (347) 725-4793

Photos by Alice Gao