Red queen

I followed a billowing blue dress
Through darkness and light
She ran so fast, she left my sight
I chased a cat that vanished
Over ground that moved
And never was I led to truth
But as I met the queen of cards
Her red gown, and crown of hearts
I realized I had seen the sign
That this playground wasn’t mine
And Alice could keep her nonsense place
Where to stay still you must keep pace
I would find my own wonderland
I’ve kept my head now to make a plan

OTP: Serene Howl Ship Child [#1]


Name: Alice Christina Score
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, fair complexion, open and clear face
Personality: Bubbly, friendly, outspoken, kind-hearted, loving, creative.
Special Talents: Magic casting. The ability to shift into a wolf; has naturally enhanced strength, speed, and heightened senses.
Who they like better: Will, because she’s a Daddy’s girl.
Who they take after more: Trinity
Personal Head canon: She’s the older by three minutes twin of Jolie Score and the spitting image of her mother. Despite having the werewolf gene, she’s more into magic and spell casting. She’s also a lover of fashion. She likes to wear dresses and be barefoot, just like her mom. 
Face Claim: Odeya Rush

Wolf form:

anonymous asked:

Did you get help to afford a car whilst you were still a student? I find it hard to afford a car, even if I am working!

My dad found it used, bought it, and I’m still paying him back. While I was in school, because Savannah wasn’t that big of a town, I only filled my tank once a month and ended up saving up to pay my insurance. I didn’t do oil changes or anything while I was there, and now my income is a little better so I make sure to put money aside to keep my little car taken care of (as I’m sitting waiting for my safety inspection while I answer this, ha).

yume-x-hanabi  asked:


💔: Ship that makes you sad
Yoite and Miharu from Nabari No Ou ;A;

💙: Ship that you used to have as an OTP
…I still ship the old ships, they just stop being so loud. So I’ll mention an older one: Yuri and Alice from Shadow Hearts

💘: Ship that is unpopular but you still like
the name of pretty much any of my poly ships can go here? And I’m still the only Kiyotaka/Madoka shipper on the planet, I think xP

marleneisms  asked:

“Paint Me”

Paint Me” - I’ll write a drabble about my character drawing a picture of yours.

     “Marls, this would go a lot quicker if you would just sit still,” Alice chided, a soft smile on her face as she spoke. Why, of all of her friends, had she asked Marlene to be her subject for a drawing? Lily, or even Molly, would have sat still for much longer. But no, she had to choose the one friend who could not sit still for more than five minutes at a time. But if she could get Gideon to sit for a portrait by her, she could get anyone to sit long enough.

      “But Al, this is boring,” the blonde whined, playing with the fabric the tapestry draped on the wall behind her. “When you said you wanted to pick back up a childhood hobby, I expected something a little more… fun. Or childish.”

Rolling her eyes, she sighed over dramatically. “Well, you should have thought of that before you agreed to sit for me.”

Ignoring the impatient, and somewhat sour, look on her friend’s face, Alice looked back at her parchment and her charcoal. She had always loved drawing as a kid, her bedroom littered with the landscapes and foliage of the village she grew up in.

     “Does it always take this long?”

     “It does when the subject is cooperative.”

It was several more minutes of shading in a few areas, some dramatic strokes across the page, and a lot of stopping to stare at the page, before she threw the charcoal aside and proclaimed it done. Beckoning her over, she proudly presented the drawing to Marlene.

    “I’m still a bit rusty, but it’s pretty good, don’t you think?”

    “I-it’s great, Alice. Really,” Marlene lied through her teeth, wondering how exactly one could get the proportions of a face so wrong. Not wanting to discourage her friend, she put on a smile, and acted like she loved it.

Alice could not stop the mischievous smile from crossing across her face. Flipping the page to the actual portrait she had drawn. “I finished an hour ago. It was just fun making you sit still.”

She was up and out of her seat, materials left behind, before her friend could respond. It was when she was halfway up the stairs, with the grin still plastered on her face, when she hear Marlene yell, “You little–!”