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Stayed up to 5 am my time, then passed out after the live concert. That was just magical to me. Rocking out to Alice 9 in my bed room from 3 am until the wee hours of daylight (crashed when I saw the sun peaking over the horizon)

Fortunately there are some super nice fans who took pictures of the Super Alice 9 Channel live (credit to Céline of the facebook page Alice9 Channel). Don’t they look dashing in yukatas??? :D

Thank you to these 5 guys for continuing to make music for these past 9 years. For the three years that I have started listening to them I am so happy to be a fan of them. Also, thank you to the fandom who initially started to record and sub all of their crazy antics on nico nico, without you guys, well I never would have known. I would have never seen the clips on youtube from their earliest years to where they are now. Thank you for sharing all of these moments so other fans could watch their growth over the years into the amazing band they are.

Here’s to their 9th anniversary, and to another 9 more magical years of awesome music and crazy antics!

<3 inkstainz <3
Alice 9 Channel September 2012 {English Subtitles}

Credit for video:

Pst~ Guys! Over here!

I subscribe to her on YouTube and she’s awesome. You should also subscribe! I cannot read Japanese or fully speak it yet so I’m very thankful for those who take the time to translate! I’m helping her get more views~ think of it that way. xD Alice Nine forever! (≧∇≦)/

Enjoy~ (☆^ー^☆)