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‘Tis the third set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos! As usual, the individual pics are filed here (link) for your reblogging convenience.

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Animal Rescued From Labs Become Magic Models In Alice - In - Wonderland Photoshoot

  1. Giuseppe Rossi was rescued by the Italian charity together with dozens of other mice after their lab finished testing. If La Collina dei Conigli had not saved them, they would have been put to sleep.
  2. Indiana Jane is so tiny that she fell off a truck full of rabbits destined for the meat market. We guess that her mother and siblings were on that truck too.
  3. This little mouse was destined to become snake food.

  4. Guinea pigs are ready to play.

  5. Pet rabbit Nilo was found abandoned, with rear legs paralyzed. Luckily, appropriate care and rehabilitation allowed him to stand and jump again.

  6. Nissa the pet rabbit was rescued from a bad case of mistreatment. She was safe when she gave birth to mini-me Matteo.

  7. Console Marcello is a New Zealand rabbit used in lab testing, as you can guess from the number tattooed on his ear. He’s still looking for a lovely home.

  8. Her Majesty Neda. She was adopted right after the photo-shoot.

  9. Guinea Pigs are great models – just give them food, and everything will be alright.

  10. Who will paint roses for the Queen?

Mice were the most cooperative models, while guinea pigs were the laziest (they stayed still only with food present). Rats were the most attractive, and rabbits… were the most disapproving. Some of the pictures were used in the charity’s 2015 calendar, which helps raise funds for hundreds and hundreds of rescued animal.

Many of them are still looking for their new homes, so if you live in Italy, you can adopt one.

Such A Fat Ass

I think she ate too much. Well, it’s obvious she did- well , does- all the time, but am I a bad friend for never stopping her? Everytime when we eat out, have sleepovers or whatever I make sure her food is there for her and have more than one serving of it. She now can eat almost two family size meals in one setting. But I don’t mind it…her body, her curves, her shape are beautiful to me.

“Alice!” I called out. I think she’s finishing up her lasagna in the kitchen. It seem that I been cooking for her all day.
“I’m *mmm* almost *smack* done *mm*” she said between bites. She tried to finish a third family size lasagna, and it looks like it’s a success. Out of nowhere, I heard loud footsteps running towards my bedroom door. Alice reached to the door, ballon-size belly shaking by the last step she made, huffing for breath, and placing her hand on her belly so it can stop moving. I loved the view, she looked as if she have an amazing appetite. Her boobs were almost spilling out her two piece bikini, and looked as if you touch them it’ll explode. Her thighs are fat as sausage and rub against each other, while her hips curve like a fat Coca-Cola bottle. Her belly, though, is the biggest thing on her she have to hog around. It sags and lay over her bottom now, so u cant see the bottom part nor her fat cookie. It sticks out enough where if i hug her from behind I have to stretch my arms fully to squeeze the fat near her deep navel. It’s so soft and doughy like, and seems to grow and swell effortlessly. Just like dough.
“I did it!” She exclaimed to me.
“You ate three family size meals?” I questioned.
“Yes, I did! I did it im such a very good piggy!” She yelled while jumping up and Dow n. Her belly and boobs shook which caused me to get warm down there.
“Come here, fat ass” I ordered.
She froze in shock, but then her face expression slowly eased. She then looked at her belly. I can imagine she can nowhere see her feet anymore.
She grabbed her belly and lifted it up.
“I guess I am a fat ass,” she murmured.
“Yes, you are,” I assured her. “You’re a fat, gorgeous, fucking pig,” I said while getting out of the bed and coming towards her.
“When can you learn how to stop eating, fatty? Your belly gonna keep getting bigger and bigger and then what?”
“Then I’ll come and make you happy,” she answered.
“No excuse to be a gluttonous piggy. Look at that,” I said while slapping her belly. “That alone weighs a ton. And you want more food don’t you?”
She nodded.
“ go lay on the bed fat ass” I ordered, and she wobbled to the bed and did as she was told. I went to get some chocolate yellow cake from the kitchen and came back to her. Then, I laced my body on top of her, while her belly is forcing to push me back off of her.
“Oooo, cake cake!” She squealed.
Before she could continue praising, I shove a slice to her mouth while placing my finger of my free hand to finger her. Her eyes widen and she started to moan.
“But, but I’m so full,” she whined.
“You should’ve thought of that before becoming a fat fucking pig, Alice. But now you’re gonna become one since you can’t stop eating everything. Now eat up, and don’t make me mad,” I ordered while I slapped her belly as punishment.
“Do you understand?”
“Yes, master.”
“Good. Now eat up.”
Moans and groans was all you can hear as she haves an orgasm while stuffing her face with cake that shouldn’t be eaten by only one person.
Such a fucking fat ass she is.