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If you haven’t noticed lately, I am growing sick of RPG Horror.  Not “Oh how dare you make a game like other games” more like “Every time I hear a music box it feels like a hollow act of trying to convey creepy/malicious yet innocence in shorthand or ‘music boxes are supposed to be whimsical but now be scared as I corrupt the idea’ and even though I like music box themes a lot I feel disgust every time I hear one since the idea has been beaten to death several times”.

Horror itself is not a bad genre.  I like horror.  I’m still looking forward to various horror games coming out (like Konstandin, Ciel Nocturne, Imaginary Friends, Hansel, and more).  I’m just kind of sick of seeing the same ideas repeated over and over with no substance or change behind them (in finished games usually, can’t judge unfinished).  And sometimes, I do roll my eyes if I see another horror game appear on tumblr that doesn’t have something that makes it at least slightly different than mad father or the witch’s hosue, whether it’s story or gameplay wise. 

It really does come down to preference with this.  The horror games that I really liked playing (OFF, Yume Nikki, Ib, Middens, Fleshchild) had their protagonist in strange, alien worlds that had some worldbuilding or character to them.  Most other horrors have schools or mansions that exist with little character to them, or rely on pre-established fairy tales or mythos with little changes to the source material, thus making it feel like I already knew it.  :T 

Don’t worry, I’m still reblogging it & support it.  But to the genre as a whole, I’m growing tired of it. :c

We should both dress up.”
“As you wish, Alice.

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