alice's coat


Costume designer Colleen Atwood went above and beyond, both literally and figuratively, for her creations of the Alice in Wonderland movie, which was directed by Tim Burton. Throughout the movie Alice is sipping from vials and eating delicious cakes that make her grow and shrink. Alice goes from a normal-sized girl, to being tiny as a teapot, to towering over red rose bushes. Since I saw the film, I have always been mesmerized by the creative ways Alice changes costume. As a lover of fashion I enjoyed the imaginative way the design team reused fabrics from her previous too big or too small dresses to match the size of Alice - each one more amazing than the last. 

Alice starts in a light blue, traditional Victorian dress. The costumes we see throughout the film were created with the idea that they were made from the several layers underneath the original dress to accommodate her growing and shrinking - eventually transforming into three different outfits. After Alice first drinks the “Drink me” potion and eats the “Eat me” cake, she sprouts and shrinks disproportional sizes to her clothing. Even when the ferocious dog, the Bandersnatch, scratches her arm, her outfit is ripped and results in a halter dress.  Another fine detail to notice is that her adorable arm-bands that seem part of her dresses are really bandages that wrap around her wound.

As Alice shrunk and grew, her dress would not. This leaves Alice puzzling over what to wear throughout the film. First, she improvises a halter and quadruple-wrapped ribbon belt to hoist up her underskirt. Then, when she shrinks again, the Mad Hatter fashions a teeny dress for her to change into inside a teapot. Next, when she suddenly grows out of this garment and ends up gigantic and naked at the royal court, the Red Queen orders, “Clothe this enormous girl!” At this point, Alice is given an asymmetrical black, white, red gown. In each iteration, Alice’s dress gains a detail—black trim, contrasting colors, a stripe—that recalls a certain auteur’s visual language. Alice gets Burtonized." 

- Colleen Atwood describes her vision for Alice’s dresses. 

While at the White Queen’s castle, Alice finally returns to her normal size by drinking a potion consisting of: a pinch of worm fat, urine of a horsefly, buttered fingers, three coins from a dead man’s pocket, two teaspoons of wishful thinking and comically, a glob of spit from the Queen herself. Alice shrinks into the red dress she acquired from the Red Queen, which was made makeshift from the curtains in the palace. As she shrinks roughly 5 feet, the final red dress fits her by becomes a tulle-layered ball gown.

The metamorphosis of Alice’s clothing was one of the quirkiest details of the film. The process of reusing and reworking Alice’s dresses as she changes sizes could only come from the visionary minds of Burton and Atwood. Next time you watch the film, be sure to take note of the costume changes! I can count eight in all, including her battle armor and her final blue-buttoned coat. 

Hood addon to WF and some other minor edits

- The hair is part of the hood mesh so it will replace your char hair and hair color
- Only ONE hair type for now
- Only ONE hair color for now - platinum blonde. The mesh can’t seem to read the gradient, so it can only be replaced manually
- There WILL be clipping when your char moves/rotates head - that is because the hair still retains physics. I tried to remove it but can’t seem to - yes, that includes NOT saving physics data in OutiftStudio. If anyone has any ideas how to remove physics Im all ears.
- See if you like it and can stand the clipping. If yes Im willing to do requested vanilla hair styles with requested vanilla hair options.

Other edits:

- CBBE version of Alice coat with Bodyslide support

- Minor fixes to Rodeo coat



Part two of commissions! This deranged darling is the Maddest Milliner, who is off to join some others of the Wonderland crew :)

(Thanks requiemart for the great frock pattern! I know I can always count on your amazing patterns to create almost any outfit I can think of :) I know I modified it a bit for this piece, but it would not have been possible without it!)


The coordinate that I wore for L.A’s ILD celebration yesterday! It was so much fun seeing everyone and meeting new people! The event was fun and the food delicious ☆

I’m happy I decided to style a wig for this event! I was inspired by Kamijo *^*

Coat: Alice and the Pirates
Jewelry + accessories : Sixh, Alice and the Pirates, offbrand, handmade
Blouse: Black Peace Now
Short pants: Gramm
Buttcape: h.Naoto
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Yosuke