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princesssbunbun  asked:

Hi can you direct me to good drarry fics, ive run out and i just found your blog!! I like super long drawn out ones where they dont know theyre gay thanks 7000000000x

Okay so, i’m gonna tweak your request a bit and turn it in to fics that include coming out, so it’s a bit easier for me. I’m not sure if all of them fits the criteria, but they’re all good nonetheless. :)

‘Twas Brillig by Queenie_Mab (73k)
Harry reads a chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to his children before bed every night and through the story, he and his middle child find an ally in each other as they, along with Alice, discover a world that just doesn’t seem to make sense when taken at face value. The more aware Harry becomes - embracing his child’s reality - the more motivated he is to build a wizarding world that is fully inclusive, and by processing these life lessons finds he’s able to connect with another person in ways that have always eluded him.

Left My Heart by Emmagrant01 (85k)

Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him. (Post-Hogwarts, set in February, 2004. Written before Half-Blood Prince was released.)

Surrender the Grey by Emmagrant01 (151k)
Draco Malfoy returns to London after five years of self-imposed exile to start a new life with Harry. But will the secrets of the past destroy everything they’ve worked for?  Sequel to “Left My Heart”. (Harry/Draco, Hermione/OMC, Draco/OFC, Draco/OMC, Draco/Lucius) 
→ I know it says Draco/Lucius but this fic doesn’t actually have Malfoycest, if you want more info about it feel free to message me. 

Mental by Sara_Holmes (186k)
Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.

Aural Gratification by Birdsofshore (10k)
Harry’s not gay – he just likes listening to exciting stories about Aurors. It’s not his fault that the narrator’s voice is so smooth, so expressive… and really rather hot. Career choices: Harry: Ministry of Magic desk job; Draco: m/m romance narrator

Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (131k)
Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side. H/D post-HBP ~~Complete~~

Draco’s Boy by Emphatic Siren (189k)
non-magic AU. A mysterious little black-haired boy moves in next door to Draco, and he’s determined to make the boy his friend and find out all of his secrets. Later, when they grow up, Draco’s determined to make Harry much more than a friend.

The Destiny You Sold by Tryslora (58k)
In which Draco knits, Harry makes wands, and things get very tangled up between them.

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Noiselessheart (117k)
Harry and Draco find out the hard way that the line between hate and love is a fine one, and that somewhere between the Battle of Hogwarts and being thrust back together as Hogwarts eighth years, they may have just crossed it.

And an Owl Named Romeo by Rickey (26k)
Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.

The Greyest Eyes by @sophiefrench77 (88k)
It’s one thing to discover you’re gay at eighteen, another one to realise you have a crush on your long-term enemy, but you can tell things are definitely going to get complicated when you accidentally blurt out his name as your girlfriend kisses you… HP/DM. Eighth year fic.

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor by Birdsofshore (27k)
Harry felt lit up from inside as soon as he entered the bar. There were blokes dancing together, their bodies close to one another, not keeping a wary distance as Harry was always careful to do when he was near another man. God, he wanted this – wanted it so much he could taste it, a metallic tang of heat and desire. He suspected nothing would ever be the same again – especially when he saw who else was in the room.

Dear Charlie,

Where to begin? I suppose I could quote a Lewis Carroll line from, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” By saying that I should start at the beginning…but I find that the beginning is very seldom where the real story starts. You see, what plagues my mind is not the beginning, or even the end, but the messy middle section that has a reoccurring theme of constant bad luck. Now, I have been through a lot, and I don’t mean that lightly or as means of saying that you should take pity on me… I am fully aware that other people have it far worse than I do in other parts of the world and even in our own country. None of that is the point though….the point is, my entire life, I have been having to survive through things that would otherwise kill the average person…mentally, emotionally, and yes at times even physically.
To say that I am fine would be a lie, and tk say that I have never said it would make a a hypocrite. What has happened to me, will not stop me from being who I am or reaching my dreams… I will live on, and thrive. I know too many you only focus on surviving…existing… its a beautiful thing that they exist, don’t misinterpret my words, but sometimes they become an empty shell and never regain that piece of themselves. Given my circumstances, if I were to solely do that, all those who have put me through my hardships or pushed me down when I asked for help, would be winning…. that is something I simply cannot allow.
I will admit, with some difficulty, that some days it is particularly hard to live and thrive and sometimes even hard just to survive. Memories haunt me and while I don’t let my past define me, it isn’t something I can easily let go of. Recent events have made those memories more, difficult to bear.
I’m a chronic insomniac, sleepless nights are no stranger to me….however, these days I sleep less not due to insomnia, but not wanting to remember…to see it. To relive it. I know you know what that is like, Charlie.
You see, I was raped by my (now ex) boyfriend, three times….due to circumstances, I kept silent about it for an entire year. A few months ago, he committed suicide because he couldn’t handle the guilt… every day I get to hear stories from his friends on how great he was. Every day that I go to work in the theater I have to see a reminder of him. I get messages from his family, explaining in simplicity that they love me and that it isn’t my fault. I broke up with him around this time last year. I told myself that despite everything, I refused to be labeled as the victim. I refused to let this break me…. but there are nights…when I break. I talked him down from suicide many times, comforted his family long before he committed it because they found out what he had done… I swore them to secrecy because my life would have been ruined if more people knew. Legally, to put it frankly, I would have been fucked…given he was a minor at the time. Despite everything, I would have been the one to be punished…
It feels like I am still being punished.
Every time I comfort one of his friends…every time I bite my tongue and leave their memories intact… every time I walk into the place that was once my home and sanctuary… I feel like I am being punished.
Tonight, I apparently made a face that triggered one of my friends. He told me it was the same face I had made when he was with my boyfriend and I and another friend, watching a movie at my boyfriend’s house. (We will call this now deceased and ex boyfriend, Erik, for now) I had just come downstairs after changing into Erik’s clothes because I was in dress clothes from an event prior to. I recall looking at my friends briefly (Whom we will refer to as Jason and Becca or rather, Bex just for fun. “Jason” being the one I had mentioned I triggered earlier) my mask slipped for a second… at that point I had already been raped twice out of three times and Bex already knew… it was the face of swallowing done the urge to scream and cry and breakdown, the face of my skin crawling. It was brief, lasted for maybe a second at most…be for it was replaced with the most painful grin and happy expression. I say painful, because it was painful for me internally, not that I had some tortured happy face on me or anything….though I am sure it looked slightly off, since I was tired and not coping very well. Bex wouldn’t even look at me after she saw the mask slip. Jason stared but never said a word, having not know anything…
It is worth mentioning that Jason gets angry about it a lot and in fact got angry with me at some point after all this… its been a very up and down thing between us.
I digress, this letter has gone on for quite long enough I think. I am just having trouble tonight… I keep thinking about that expression… I keep thinking about how Jason says that he wishes he could forget my expression…but it is burned into his memory. I keep thinking how I wish I could forget too, forget everything that happened…forget it and not have to relive it everytime I think I get over it and then someone says something… I keep thinking how it’s burned into my memory too…and how, I am glad Erik is gone….and how I grieve for his family and feel guilty for being glad. I keep thinking…. and I wish I could stop.

I’m sorry Charlie, I wish I had better things to write… maybe if I get some good luck, I will send it your way.

With love,
- The Girl Who Became a Phoenix



Alan’s ALICE Appreciation Post: CURIOSITY

Alice is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time - if not my most favourite. Alice, maybe more than any other character, makes her own narrative:

  • The story is whatever she can think of
  • The setting is wherever her fantasy world is
  • The characters are whoever she creates
  • The time is whenever she is sleeping
  • The nonsense is however odd her dream is

Virtually everything about the movie could be interpreted to revolve around Alice. From the introduction, when Alice is awake, she is a very imaginative and creative young girl and, when Alice is asleep, who has made a vivid Wonderland. The whole story is because of her.

Because of the wide scope of potential topics, I’m focusing on what I love most about Alice and what I find is an essential part of her character: her curiosity.

1) Alice: “In this world perhaps. But in my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.”

The first example of Alice’s curiosity is, I believe, her unconventionality. She’s not in a classroom but outdoors, she’s not on the ground but in a tree, she’s not with a book but with her cat, she’s not paying attention but making a daisy chain. Rather than paying attention to her history lesson, let alone a book with no pictures, Alice would fantasize of her own world of nonsense as displayed in her song “In a World of my Own.” Unlike her sister who is limited by sense/logic, Alice can explore new things creatively and curiously.

2) Alice: “Now this is curious! What could a rabbit possibly be late for? Please, sir!”

The primary example of Alice’s curiosity and what starts the majority of the story: the White Rabbit.. She also knows that “[she] really shouldn’t be doing this” since “[she hasn’t] been invited and curiosity often leads to trouble” but her curiosity and sense for adventure is too strong. Much later in her “Very Good Advice” song, she talks about the downside of such passionate curiosity: “Be patient is very good advice, but the waiting makes me curious. And I’d love the change, should something strange begin.”

3) Alice: Why? What did happen to the oysters?

Interestingly enough, as curious as Alice is to know where the White Rabbit is going, Alice is also curious to know what happened to the Oysters. This might be because she wants to know what happened to fellow curious characters (=“The oysters were curious too, weren’t they?”, “Aye, and you remember WHAT happened to them…”, and “Poor things!”) but I think it’s primarily because she just like hearing interesting stories.  

4) Alice and the Flowers

Related to above, Alice just likes hearing lovely songs too and especially if she wished for it: “All the flowers would have very extra special powers, they would sit and talk to me for hours.” Alice enjoys this curious garden of interesting plants and animals as she listens to “Golden Afternoon” song.

5) Alice and the Caterpillar

After Alice follows some interesting smoke through a leafy jungle, she finds a hookah-smoking Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. Although the Caterpillar is more questioning than Alice, she is interested in what he’s doing and listens to his recitation.

Although Alice walks off when the Caterpillar is mean to her, she comes back when he calls, “I have something important to say!” Although she seems to be far away and he’s been rude, she still curious and wants to hear it.

6) Alice and the riddle

When the Mad Hatter asks, “Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?” Alice is instantly curious about it. Even though it’s random, silly, and not really directed at her, she’s thoughtfully tries to figure it out.  It’s even more interesting that, in the time she’s taking time to solve the riddle, she could be searching for the White Rabbit.


So, this being my first appreciation post of Alice, I choose to appreciate a core personality trait; Alice’s curiosity is seen throughout the movie and if it wasn’t for curiosity starting the story then we wouldn’t have had any adventures in Wonderland.

I, personally, find Alice getting sidetracked from finding the Rabbit so enjoyable and relatable because even when I’m doing something fun or entertaining, I too somehow get distracted or even procrastinate. Even when Alice is intensely curious about something, she’s still has the open-mindedness to explore other things.


Since I am looking for some new audio books to add to High Rise and Octopussy and the Living Daylights, I have found a few more interesting titles on Audible. Let me share with you all some of the other treasures that I have discovered there.

Frankenstein - This would be an audiobook read by Kenneth Branagh. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we already know that he is familiar with this story inside and out because he made a movie version of it with DeNiro and Helena Bonham Carter.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - This version is read by Christopher Plummer. You may know him as the Captain from The Sound of Music. Yeah.

Dracula - This version is performed by an ensemble cast. The cast includes both Alan Cumming and Tim Curry. Need I say more? 

Neverwhere - Another ensemble cast. This one includes Christopher Lee, James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, and Benedict Cumberbatch. I think that says it all.

Casanova - Five hours and five minutes of Benedict Cumberbatch reading to you.

@insanely-smart @zhora-salome @the-haven-of-fiction @lokiwholockfactory @lokihiddles2981 and anyone else that may be interested.

Copyright: Basing Story on Previous Work

Anonymous asked:

When it comes to certain topics or characters, like Sherlock Holmes or “Alice in Wonderland”, are those acceptable to write your own story on? Like some authors have done ‘extra’ adventures with Sherlock Holmes as their main and I’ve seen a few authors have written “Alice in Wonderland” stories where they’ve completely thrown the original plot from the window. So, are these freelance topics if you give credit? 

It all depends on copyright.

In most cases, if the story was published before 1923, it should be in the public domain, which means it is no longer under copyright and you are free do a retelling, new adventure, etc. However, stories published after 1923 are under copyright, which means they’re off limits without permission from the copyright holder. You can read my posts Fiction Based on Original Works and  Referencing Other Works in Fiction for more information.