alice x victor

Candy Hearts #5: Crazy

Bit of an unusual pairing today, somewhat lesser known and the only crossover of the bunch, but it does have a special place in my heart :) It’s Valice!

Also we’re back to the Nine-Nine tomorrow for a touch of Gina/Rosa, stay tuned :)

Enjoy! <3

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Winter had settled over Wonderland. Thick, calm, and quiet as the grave. Her breath curled from her lips in pale wisps like dragon’s breath, dissipating into the frigid air. The pool of tears lay still, tamed by the elements into smooth, unyielding ice. Just like the tears frozen in perfect rivulets on her stone likeness’ face. And still snow fell, drifting to rest on plants and shells, dice and dominoes, blanketing her world in a serene layer of the purest white. She’d never seen her Wonderland so quiet, so peaceful. And on top of it all was the gentlest music she’d ever heard, whispering through the eaves, notes landing as softly as snowflakes. She couldn’t help but sway into the sound.


Her eyes opened, and Wonderland was gone- and to her disappointment, so was the music. She looked out across the modest room she’d learned to call home. The drawings on the walls, the shelves piled high with books. By the window, looking out on the slushy winter streets of East London, the piano. And sitting at the piano, hands hovering over the keys, the monochromatic figure of Victor Van Dort.

He watched her, dark eyes alight with curiosity. “Where were you?” He asked, intrigued.

She smiled. It was nice, knowing someone enjoyed her mad ramblings. “The Vale of Tears,” she said, standing up and crossing the room. “Winter has struck like a tonne of bricks, it seems. What were you playing?”

He looked down shyly, fingers tapping across the keys. “Oh, nothing. Just something I’ve been tinkering with.”

“It’s lovely,” she said earnestly, joining him on the piano stool. “And the perfect soundtrack to my explorations. Play it again?”

He smiled. “Only if you take me with you.”

“With pleasure,” she agreed. She laid her head on his shoulder as he resumed playing and let her eyes drift closed once more.

When Wonderland opened up to her once again, she took great joy in narrating her journey for Victor’s sake. She spared no detail.


not usually one for fandom crossover ships but valice has got its claws into me- just a quick sketch. i dedicate this to victorluvsalice for the amazing forgotten vows verse- i need the next installment like i need air, no pressure (i’m also happy to doodle/beta/anything else you need help with if you want because frankly i’m amazed you can wrap your head round such a colossal series)