alice siren


“Life comes in sizes, shapes, weights, colours and heights, however it comes to you can only be the best way it should and you can only make the best out of it when you are proud of who you are.”
Ikechukwu Izuakor

  • *at concert*
  • *doors open*
  • everyone: *runs*
  • security: "walk omg"
  • everyone: *aggressively powerwalks*

Hey! If you want to interact more with our characters then us, we have askblogs!

Let’s start off with Mod Star; my main askblog (angst fam related) is @a-fallings-star, containing my character Castor (or Derek, it depends on his mood). You can find out more about him there, or ask me anything from here or my main blog.

Mod Firefly speaking! I have three blogs that you can come to; they are as follows-
Alice: @this-is-my-siren-song
Mark: @softpunkmarkimoo
Autumn: @feels-of-autumn So yeah, there they are ^-^ you’re always free to come and talk to them themselves. That’s all~

Alice siren dress work in progress part 4. It took me 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies in a row to sew on all of these scales by hand with a curved needle and fishing wire. I was relieved to find that it fit well and I was surprisingly quite comfortable for wearing 7 binders. Now all that’s left is to finish up the angler head and mount it to my apron~ Oh. And also the gigantic horse head.