alice siren


He’s anchored by grief. She’s reaching for hope.


Jughead Jones moves to a small town named Madbay Port to escape the plagues of his past. He lives a quiet life, finding contentedness in his solitude while wading in a pool of inner demons. There’s an influx of tourist attraction when sightings of mermaids in the port begin to spread along the East Coast. He wants to scoff at the absurdity of it all. He doesn’t, however, expect to come face to face with the urban legend itself. Literally. [bughead, au]

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I’m a little late to the train, but consider this, Bendy Circus AU!

Circus of the Damned!

“In this circus, the line of reality and imagineation is blurred. But if you just believe, you’d be able to see that the attracts are creatures summoned from the darkest corners of hell!”

This ain’t your typical family circus.

Sammy Lawrence is a ringmaster to Joey Drew’s Circus of the Damned. The namesake hasn’t been seen and years, and people have rumored that he had died a long time ago, and his soul haunts the circus. “The Real Alice Angel” is a second Ringmaster who uses a mask to cover the left side of her face, and she riles up the audience with her voice, which has the power of making things aggressive.

Boris and Alice are “Beast Tamers” Who use various methods of entertaining crowds by attacking and Corralling Searchers and Corrupted Toons. Alice uses her “Siren Song” and her graceful movements and flying around stage gives and Boris uses a Whip and blunt force, and his clumsiness and clunky movements cause the audience to rip in laughter.

Bendy is the main attraction, he is summoned by drawing a pentagram of ink, dropping human blood into the center, and chanting “Can I get an Amen”. His very presense shakes fear into all who see him. But is his frightening appearance all there is to him?

Henry is an ametuer magician who’s looking for temporary employment while scoping out an animatijon job in the city, and when he gets hired by his old friends Sammy and Susie, he thinks nothing of it. Little by little however, he learns that the illusions employed in the circus are more than what they seem…

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“Life comes in sizes, shapes, weights, colours and heights, however it comes to you can only be the best way it should and you can only make the best out of it when you are proud of who you are.”
Ikechukwu Izuakor