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Women Composers in Opera Week

Mass for the Dead - Alice Shields

Alice Shields is credited with composing one of the first electronic operas in America, Apocalypse. Here is an excerpt from another one of her operas.


Alice Shields - Study for Voice and Tape (1968)

anonymous asked:

You said that you think It would be awesome for Melissa to really hate skulduggery's guts and blame him for stealing Val's childhood, So I wanted to ask if this was the case what do you think her attitude would be towards letting Alice finds out about magic?


So, essentially, Melissa bans Valkyrie from ever explaining magic to Alice. There is a reason Fergus and Desmond were wary about Gordon ; seeing the wreck magic turned their daughter into certainly isn’t going to help their opinion.

Melissa wants Alice to have a normal childhood, a normal life, at least until Alice is in her mid-20s. I think it would be REALLY COOL for Valkyrie to become the Gordon in the family, the “one who hangs out with weirdos.” I think family, and protection, and nuclear families is such an interesting topic.

But I’m 100% for Melissa shielding Alice. Or at least being HUGELY cautious about Skulduggery being anywhere near her family. At most : the OCCASIONAL magic lesson from Valkyrie under Melissa’s watch.

I really doubt D.Lands would do this. I’m terrified Omen Darkly might be Alice’s boyfriend or something. ( Considering the timeline for Alice’s age was never really established, nor the concrete age of Valkyrie in the new book, as far as I’m aware. )

EDIT : nah Alice is gonna be like 10

And I’m really unhopeful after the last book, where Desmond fucking praises his daughter for fighting in a war ??? And the narration makes Melissa out to be the bad guy ??? Melissa is completely, 100% in the right. But Landy doesn’t DO that.

But in short : no contact with magic, or very little, very safe contact.