alice richmond


“She starts preschool in a couple weeks, which I think is gonna be real interesting. Once I finally got her into preschool, and it was like a done deal, I was like “Hey, let me tell you some stuff about her…she is not potty trained, she’s allergic to nuts and she bites…so I gotta go…” - Tina Fey on her youngest daughter Penelope, 4.


You just want them to be little fun weirdo’s and nerds for as long  as possible. Don’t worry about being cool, you don’t want them to worry about being sexy. You just want them to be nerds.
Like my older one, who is 8 now and I think we’re holding down the nerd pretty well.

Do you and Alice get along?

She wants to play mommy and baby all the time. Like, “I be the mommy, you be the baby.” The good thing is you get to lay on the couch. So I’ll cry, “Mommy! Mommy! I need some milk!” And she’ll go, “No! I’m doing my work.”


Alice Richmond is kind of my comedy hero, after Katie Holmes. (Although Katie doesn’t really do her bits on purpose. She’s just hilarious on accident, trying to be a serious person.)